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    Dell-ivering the goods

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 18/04/2010

    » Manufacturing giant Dell has been around almost as long as the PC, and knows its markets well. Recently, it has been dropping notebook market share to rivals Acer and HP, the market leader, largely because of the shift towards lower-cost netbooks. In the mid-range notebook sector, Dell needs to reclaim ground, and its new Inspiron range is targeted at doing just that. Every manufacturer's dream is to build an all-purpose notebook with broad appeal. Dell has come close to this in the past with its savvy market sensitivity, so let's take a look at the new Inspiron 1464 to see if it will help the company get back in the race.

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    Staying in Touch

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 16/05/2010

    » Politics aside, the Thai smartphone market is still seeing red. RIM will desperately be trying to hold off Apple's resurgence in the next few months as its main competitor rolls out the much-anticipated new operating system for its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - OS 4. The new BlackBerry Storm 2 is RIM's second attempt at an iPhone killer, after the widely acknowledged failure of the original Storm that attempted to cash in on the winning aspect of iPhones - their sensitive touchable screen. But is it up to the task?

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    Tablet talk

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 30/05/2010

    » Aimed at the higher end of the ultra portable business market, the HP EliteBook 2730p makes a stylish addition to any boardroom table or teacher's desk.

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    Pocketable portablity

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 28/03/2010

    » Afresh entry from the Fujitsu camp in the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) class of notebook is the LifeBook UH900. Fujitsu, with its LifeBook U series, and Sony, with its Vaio P series, among others, seem committed to the UMPC class.

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    Gimmick or Gimme?

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 14/02/2010

    » Last month, Sony released its latest pocket camcorder, the MHS-PM5K bloggie. This follows the trend the company established last year with the birth of the "webbie", obviously pitched at a young, web-savvy market thirsty for social interaction.

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    Brains and Brawn

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 21/02/2010

    » Samsung recently released the Omnia Pro B7610, landing with an oversized thud squarely in the slide-out keyboard, touch screen class of phones. Most manufacturers are still making a sliding qwerty model, and although the units have oversized dimensions by their nature, the trade-off is enhanced usability, which seems strange in a market obsessed with compactness.

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