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    Winter pop-ups winter

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 28/11/2014

    » Noticed something different about Bangkok? No, it’s not the traffic-free roads or that Thais have stopped taking photos of their meals before eating (ha! Don’t be ridiculous). We’ll give you a clue: it’s in the air and it’s making us a little less miserable. It’s the beginning of winter, or, as we know it — the extremely short period of the year when the whole country gets giddy over a two-to-four degree dip in temperature. Nevertheless, we’re going to take full advantage of this and guide you to this winter’s best seasonal pop-ups.


    A Parisian affair

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 10/10/2014

    » If you've seen the movie Hugo, there's really not much need to explain the concept and ideas behind the restaurant. But for those who haven't watched the touching adventure drama set in the 1930s about an orphaned boy who lives behind the walls of a train station in Paris, listen up. Upon entering, guests are greeted with the uplifting sound of jazz music and dim lighting that accentuates the careful detailing of the restaurant's industrial decor. The casual, funky vibe and sound of bartenders shaking away their fancy cocktail concoctions add to the restaurant's eclectic charm. You can almost feel the cool Parisian breeze if you sit in the right spot with the air-con blowing in your face and forget that you're in Ekamai for a little while.

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