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    Of desire and dislocation

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 02/10/2013

    » As one of the most respected photographers of recent times, Kornkrit Jianpinidnan moves seamlessly between the worlds of fashion and commercial and fine art. Even though of late Kornkrit has been channelling his talent towards fine art photography, video works and installation art, it was his signature thoughtfulness and poetic intensity depicted in the realm of fashion that helped propel him to the forefront.


    Good vibrations

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 23/08/2013

    » FORITS first run, Good Vibes Festival turned Sepang International Circuit into a mini music festival that didn't forget arts, fashion and food. Held at a Go-Kart track, Good Vibes managed to change the space into a convenient site for music lovers. Malaysian artist Nini Ramlan also had a hand in giving the once dull racetrack a facelift with installation art while Malaysian brand Chic Yamada launched a capsule festival collection on the day.


    Pleasant valley sunday

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 06/08/2013

    » When Korea and music are mentioned together, our minds usually flash to plastic pop idols, vapid auto tunes and brain-numbing dance moves along with crazed, adoring fans. But there's more to Korea and its music scene than the synchronised, heavily styled boy and girl bands as the country has apparently been trying to catch up with Japan in terms of music festivals and diversity.


    Pretty damn cool

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 20/06/2013

    » It's never been this complicated to sort out a photograph to accompany an article. But Damn magazine editor-in-chief Chatchawan Munsutrukskool is anything but plain.


    An injection of colour

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 22/05/2013

    » Ithought of many different ways to write this Sumanee Guna-Kasem article. But in the end I decided to be as straightforward as possible since honesty is possibly one thing that a woman who has everything, a woman as rich as King Solomon, would appreciate.


    Blast from the past

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 02/04/2013

    » Eighties pop has long become a neutral ground for social functions _ from weddings to office parties. The music of the era has become something so familiar, so acceptable and child-friendly, despite its loud fashion statements, to most that it's always safe to lean on '80s mega hits to get the party going.


    When your mother is one of your Friends

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 06/03/2013

    » Cue apocalyptic music. Preferably something from a Norwegian death metal band...


    The tribulations of trying to be the cool aunt

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 12/12/2012

    » One of the biggest joys of being an aunt is that you simply get to hang about when things are dandy with the little ones. Then they start crying, and you just hand them back to their parents. Pack the stuffed animals, wipe your hands and go for a drink.


    The Future Girl

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 21/11/2012

    » Since last year, photos of a wide-eyed, rosy-cheeked Japanese girl with cropped bangs have flooded social networking sites. The photos depict the girl up to various antics _ from crying to playing with pets _ in what seems to be an idyllic Japanese town.


    New Face, Fresh Start

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 04/09/2012

    » Fans waited with bated breaths. No one knew what would happen to iconic rockers Big Ass when lead singer Ekarat Wongcharat announced, earlier this year, that he was leaving the band for good.

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