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    Thailand to take advantage of Asian animation boom

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 09/06/2010

    » The animation industry is apparently one of the few markets to remain unaffected by the political turmoil in Thailand.

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    Cock-and-bull story

    Database, Published on 10/03/2010

    » As the euro dropped and bureaucrats across Brussels wondered whether they would have to give up the milk-fed mussels for one night a month, along came their regulators with a great idea: let's sue Google; the fact that the US company is richer than Belgium has nothing to do with it, perish the thought, but Google is, let's face it, a monopoly and price fixer and, well, the public needs a lot of protection from Google; Translation; Nice little search engine you've got here, be a shame if you had to go through years and years of court cases just to end up paying us pretty much the same amount of, you know, "fines" you could pay now.

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    The best of both worlds

    Database, Don Sambandaraksa, Published on 17/03/2010

    » I must admit that the BlackBerry and I had a shaky start. I did not fully understand it much other than an extension of the corporate data centre when I first encountered it and since then, things have gone downhill with it becoming a symbol of the elite that made me feel queasy. The last straw was the launch of the Bold 9700 complete with pictures of socialites (RIM calls them opinion leaders who people aspire to, or something similarly politically correct) and their BlackBerry pouches in glass boxes for us to marvel at.

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