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    Round up of unsavoury suspects

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 27/12/2018

    » On the crime front, public attention was dominated to a large degree by news stories that were wide-ranging, unusual and controversial. The alleged bitcoin fraud had police and readers delving into the complexity of the cryptocurrency issue, which is new to most people, while the arrest of senior clergy in temple fund embezzlement cases tested people's faith in Buddhism. Meanwhile, the arrest of a policeman-turned-hitman responsible for at least two murders, brought back memories of his alleged connection to the kidnapping and murders of the wife and son of a jeweller holding vital clues in the 1995 stolen Saudi gems case. Police also claimed success in nabbing all overstayers in a long-running crackdown. However, the reportedly accidental shooting death of an Indian tourist in a gun battle between two rival Bangkok gangs undermined confidence in tourist safety.


    Burning issues and great expectations

    Life, James Hein, Published on 19/12/2018

    » Another year almost gone, another year of IT improvements, advancements and lower prices. It was a year of missing graphics cards, where Bitcoin data miners snapped up the market for a while.


    Hitting pay dirt with payments

    Business, William Hicks, Published on 11/12/2018

    » While Thailand is one of the most enthusiastic users of technology, especially social media, much of its most-used software is foreign-made. The country has yet to produce a single unicorn -- a startup worth US$1 billion -- despite the government's much-touted 4.0 scheme to bring Thailand into the digital age.


    Potential ICO issuers grow impatient

    Business, Nuntawun Polkuamdee, Published on 12/12/2018

    » Some initial coin offering (ICO) issuers have decided to raise funds from overseas markets due to lower advisory fees and sluggishness in the domestic fund-raising process for ICOs, says a blockchain expert.


    For 'Topp', no use resisting the urge to coin money

    Business, Nuntawun Polkuamdee, Published on 08/12/2018

    » Five years ago, Jirayut Srupsrisopa made the daring decision to leave his high-paying office job and follow his calling into entrepreneurship. He managed to secure his dream job and is now pursuing his passion of creating the world's largest digital asset exchange.


    Parsing digital asset classes

    Business, Darana Chudasri, Published on 06/12/2018

    » The allure of digital asset investment has returned to the attention of investors with legislation that would regulate digital asset trading and transactions in Thailand.


    Picking cryptocurrency winners

    Business, Published on 27/11/2018

    » Anyone who follows cryptocurrency has come to expect frequent bouts of volatility in coin prices. Over the past year or two, some coins have gained value and some have dropped. From an investment standpoint, there have been a few successful cryptocurrencies, as bitcoin has demonstrated -- even if it too has been subject to wild swings.


    Crypto having worst week of 2018

    Published on 23/11/2018

    » The great cryptocurrency crash of 2018 is heading for its worst week yet.


    Network void draws focus

    Business, Published on 22/11/2018

    » Thailand is in dire need of formulating its own digital network platform for national data security and competitiveness, according to panellists at the Bangkok Post International Forum on "Asian Transformation: The Changing Landscape".


    Real estate innovations changing the landscape

    Business, Published on 19/11/2018

    » The future of the real estate market will be shaped by breakthrough technologies like big data, smart contracts and smart cities, say top executives speaking recently at the Asian Real Estate Summit in Bangkok.

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