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    Postbag: PM’s head in the sand

    Oped, Published on 20/12/2014

    » Re: “Gen Prayut dodges new torture questions”, (BP, Dec 19). Why doesn’t the PM just come out and admit that it happened under the administration of former PM Thaksin. It happened. There is no denying it. Following the Thai axiom, if you ignore the problem it never happened, or, if you ignore it, it will go away, is not the answer.


    Stupidity and tourism

    News, Published on 22/12/2014

    » Bravo to Dave Proulx for his comments in his letter, “Budget tourists pay the bills” (Postbag, Dec 21).


    Conflict minerals need regulations

    News, Published on 04/12/2014

    » "That diamond upon your finger, say how came it yours?" asks Shakespeare's Cymbeline. "Thou'lt torture me," responds the villainous Iachimo, "to leave unspoken that which, to be spoke, would torture thee."


    Postbag: Teacher checks needed

    News, Published on 04/12/2014

    » Jack Earnest is correct to raise concerns over the process by which teachers are vetted prior to teaching in the Kingdom; however, it is unfair to say his experience would necessarily be replicated in a quality international school.


    Samsung's market share drops

    Life, James Hein, Published on 24/12/2014

    » Based on the third quarter figures, Samsung's global market share in smartphones dropped close to 8% year on year. It is still top of the heap, but their loss was Chinese mobile manufacturers' gains. Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi increased their shipments along with Lenovo, which leaves three of the top five manufacturers now in the Chinese camp. Xiaomi is the biggest mover to date, quadrupling their shipments over the past year. The fastest growing market on the planet for smartphones is currently in Africa and the Middle East so even though they are losing ground in China, Samsung could still make it up in those countries.


    Ajarn, take note

    News, Published on 24/12/2014

    » Sakhon Nakhon Rajabhat University Assoc Prof Chakrit Charnchitpreecha set a poor example after being arrested for drink driving and refusing to take a breath test (ThaiPulse, Dec 15). Instead, he boasted of his high status and called a high-ranking police officer to order the arresting policeman to release him at the checkpoint.


    Off to the movies … and a bit of tweeting

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 07/12/2014

    » There has been considerable debate in the Bangkok social media concerning the merits of tweeting on the phone while sitting in a cinema. While this hardly ranks as the most important issue facing the kingdom in these demanding times, it does raise the sensitive problem of cinema etiquette.


    Picturing a lost age

    Life, Peerawat Jariyasombat, Published on 23/12/2014

    » In front of a mega mall, a big Christmas tree towers above the people. Its shining stars, golden bells and various decorative items fascinate all shoppers. They all take out their mobiles and happily snap pictures.  


    Connecting with Thai 'Gen Y' consumers

    News, Sutapa Amornvivat, Published on 19/11/2014

    » It is quite unique for Thailand to be caught in the middle of two demographic megatrends.


    Buyer's market for smartphones

    Life, James Hein, Published on 12/11/2014

    » With the Western markets saturated, the pattern for smartphone sales is starting to change. It is a very good time to be the buyer as competition is fierce for those upgrading and for the tiny minority who don't yet have a model from the upper end of the market. Last month, LG was the only major retailer who had a positive number in their earnings statement. By comparison Samsung, HTC and Sony did not do so well. Elsewhere, like in China and India, the markets are expanding and people are starting to update from a regular phone to the smarter variety, but in the lower price range.

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