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    Wear black to mourn Ministry of Education

    News, Published on 14/01/2012

    » Re: ''Give our kids a better deal'' (BP, Editorial, Jan 13). As today is Children's Day, it must have been coincidental that the Bangkok Post's editorial highlighted the fact that a third of Thailand's 15 million youths are failing through the cracks.


    World Today Columnist Kumfah Manmalee

    News, Published on 19/01/2012

    » Thailand is caught in a serious security situation following the recent arrest of a foreign terrorist suspect at Suvarnabhumi Airport.


    Think you know what's happening in the world around you?

    Guru, Sumati Sivasiamphai, Published on 20/01/2012

    » Well, Guru doesn't and we need your help! See if you can answer these amazingly difficult questions and win yourself the joy of being right!


    Lessons of the nalinee debacle

    News, Published on 22/01/2012

    » Regarding your story yesterday, ''Strategists urge Nalinee to quit'', the debacle over the suitability of Nalinee Taveesin to be in cabinet has flushed out some important points. The first is the general probity of her as an individual. Her decision to undertake financial transactions with the cohort of a regime as loathsome as that of Robert Mugabe puts that into serious doubt.


    Trust no One

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 22/01/2012

    » Some have expressed incredulity that Thailand could possibly be a target for international terrorists. But why should anyone be incredulous? Are we not standing at the gateway of the Golden Triangle, renowned for its drug trade? Have we forgotten a Russian arms dealer named Viktor Bout? Are we not familiar with the presence of international organised crime gangs in cities like Bangkok and Pattaya? Most anyone can come and go, or come and stay with visa runs.


    Keeping quiet about a threat is truly scary

    News, Kultida Samabuddhi, Published on 20/01/2012

    » If we kept a record of the most frequently applied rationale the government has employed to justify its action or non-action, then "negative impact on tourism" should top the list.


    Trading security for the tourist dollar

    Life, Kamolwat Praprutitum, Published on 26/01/2012

    » The beauty of Thailand, for some, is that one can enter and exit the country almost as easily as walking in and out of a 7-Eleven.


    Safety is not an accident

    News, Published on 28/01/2012

    » Some cultures in the developed world have become so obsessed with safety awareness that they seem to have lost sight of common sense. It is hard to know what to make of reported bans on skipping ropes and knitting needles. The warning on a packet of peanuts that it "contains nuts" is one example of the abundance of pointless and seemingly needless cautionary signs stating the obvious.


    Business before ethics

    News, Published on 28/01/2012

    » Re: Embattled Nalinee Taveesin. I think we're all looking at this the wrong way. For one, the Pheu Thai Party gave up worrying about its reputation a long time ago; in the current political climate all that matters is that most of their voters have never heard of Zimbabwe and couldn't care less. Also, the US blacklist is the result of America's own lofty ideals regarding justice and rights. Here in Asia, one wouldn't be so foolish as to let something as abstract as ethics get in the way of business opportunities.


    Alumni wrong in blocking Nitirat

    News, Published on 31/01/2012

    » Thammasat University's Class 01 law graduates deem it inappropriate to use the university's premises to stage activities it says are offensive to the monarchy. The alumni misunderstands what a university should aspire to.

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