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    Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 11/11/2014

    » I may not be Bodyslam’s biggest fan, but I have a lot of respect for Thailand’s biggest rock band — its unflinching dedication to its art and musical advancement doesn’t seem rest on its laurels or established fame. I understand why the band is where it is today, and I’m convinced it deserves its place in Thai music history.

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    The shutterbugs

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 08/10/2014

    » Thailand's fashion scene is brimming with photographers who have the knack for elevating commercial shooting into an art form. Life speaks with two rising stars of contrasting styles and personalities who share a common ground of experimental edges, sharp perspectives and positive attitudes

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    Lucky number 13

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 07/10/2014

    » For the past 13 years, Apartmentkhunpa has hardly disappointed when it comes to delivering a great live performance. The band has honed its craft over the years, from a sharp musical skill set to natural showmanship. We’ve seen the band performing countless times over the years, as it’s an indie darling that has always rendered support to the local music industry.

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    Life, as we know it

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 03/10/2014

    » It’s inevitable that we all mellow out as we age. We become more relaxed and it’s much easier to let things go. That tormenting fire inside — substituted by calmness — seems to die down as we head towards death.

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    An Asian in disguise

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 17/09/2014

    » Natee Utarit doesn't always know what day of the week it is.

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    A lot like love

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 19/09/2014

    » After a successful run at Topshop on London’s Oxford Street, Bangkok- and London-based designer Linda Chareonlarb has finally planted her seeds of love, Lalalove, back in her motherland. Lalalove, which is sold worldwide in select stores, has a permanent home at last, snugging warmly among other outlets of Thai brands in Siam Center.

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    The Hound keeps moving

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 26/08/2014

    » Let’s get one thing straight. Contrary to what some may believe, Bhanu Inkawat, founder and creative director of the Greyhound empire, which includes fashion house Greyhound and Greyhound Cafe, did not sell everything to Mudman, a Sub Sri Thai subsidiary, and neither has he released all control over it.

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    Of death and dying

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 01/08/2014

    » In the space of one month, five people I know have passed away — a close friend, a good friend’s brother, a former student, a distant relative and a friend’s father. Four died from accidents, one from natural causes.

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    Thai sounds, Japanese soil

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 17/07/2014

    » As one of Asia’s biggest music festivals, Summer Sonic has regional music lovers waiting with bated breath year in and year out for its line up. Thai fans have been flocking to the iconic festival for the past few years due to its proximity and accessibility, as well as stellar line up.

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    Clued in and caustic

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 18/07/2014

    » Showtika Somjid’s pseudonym was suggested by the names of a mentally disturbed couple, Nola and Nolee, who lived rough in her neighbourhood; they were familiar faces, often seen roaming the streets, but they never caused any harm to anybody. Showtika said she never meant to spark off speculation that there might be deep, philosophical reasons for her adoption of “Nolanolee”, the moniker she uses to sign the art she creates. She just thought it sounded like a “cute and friendly” tag and said she sometimes wonders what combination of events brought that pair of homeless people to that juncture in their lives.

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