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    The Darkest Hours

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 07/08/2015

    » A psychosexual Thai gay film is a rare treat -- actually it's almost unprecedented. Anucha Boonyawatana's Onthakarn (The Blue Hour) arrives at SF cinemas this week with a strong tail wind after its premiere in Berlin in February. Nightmarish, oblique and deliberately disjointed, the film is in part ambient horror and in part a brooding drama about family violence centred around a gay teenager. We savour its chilly mood, its haunting wasteland of disaffected youth, though we sometimes wince at the stilted dialogue. What we see is also a confident switch between what's real and what's not, which is to say The Blue Hour is not something for the impatient and the literal-minded.


    From horror to biopic

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 19/06/2015

    » Youth, sex, death — preferably in that order — the indispensable ingredients of horror movies get a spooky shake-up in David Robert Mitchell's It Follows. Ripe with a psychosexual vibe, this creepy film can be read as a metaphor about the demon of one-night-stands, or the venereal guilt of casual sex. Or you don't have to care much, because as far as a ghost flick goes, this one remixes the old formula with wit, serves up a series of shocks, and manages to give off a stylish, purring chill.


    Rainbow screen stars

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 05/06/2015

    » The LGBT community is not always portrayed in a positive light in Thai films and other forms of media, with certain stereotypes still prevalent whenever movies, in particular, address gender diversity. Hoping to provide a more realistic and varied view of the LGBT community is the first-ever Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (BGLFF), which opens tonight.


    Scary swim

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 08/08/2014

    » Love hurts. Young love hurts even more and pregnancy, the unwanted kind, hurts (and haunts) the most. Hear me puppy lovers: without self-restraint, at least carry condoms. Without condoms, well, wear a strong amulet or else the demon will follow you like an interminable bloodhound — at least when abortion is still illegal and immoral in this society.


    Hat-trick for Thai cinema

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 06/02/2015

    » In the snowy German capital, the year's first major cinema festival has kicked off. The 65th Berlin International Film Festival (or Berlinale, as it's better known) opened last night with Nobody Wants The Night, a drama by Spanish director Isabel Coixet, starring Juliette Binoche and Rinko Kikuchi. Some of the hot world premieres include Terrence Malick's Knight Of Cups, Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella, Werner Herzog's Queen Of The Desert, and other art-house darlings. The Berlinale runs until Feb 15, with the Golden Bear being announced next weekend.


    The horror comes alive

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 16/10/2014

    » Sentosa is getting a taste of horror. The Singaporean amusement park has contracted a case of fear inspired by Thai ghost stories, and for a second year in a row, the Sentosa Spooktacular is ready for Halloween with haunted twins, dark graveyards and brain-tingling visuals.


    Moments of youth

    Life, Published on 03/10/2014

    » Thai student films have come a long way from amateurish works done just to pass a course. This week, two movies by young filmmakers are showing at Asia's leading film festival, and their stories about teen angst are unashamedly authentic


    Bling-bling blockbuster

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 06/03/2015

    » Going to a cinema can be so much more than simply sitting in a dark room with strangers and staring at a giant screen. Now it can entail a butler, a glass of wine, ample legroom and cuddle time with your boo — if you’re willing to cough up the coin, that is. Cinema operators try to outdo each other in offering a blockbuster experience through high-class theatres located at leading malls, the latest being Emprive Cineclub on the fifth floor of The Emporium. This week we present you with a side-by-side comparison of the most hi-so cinemas in Thailand — in alphabetical order — to help you decide where to get the biggest bang for your baht.


    Now Showing style

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 25/07/2014

    » At last year’s inaugural “Elle Fashion Film Festival”, fans turned out in droves and every screening was packed, from the back all the way to the very front row.


    I’m staying, Award show clanger, No touch-ups here

    News, Mae Moo, Published on 08/06/2014

    » You don't get rid of me that easily

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