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    Is this the largest game of pong ever played?

    AFP Relax News, Published on 23/04/2013

    » Philly Tech Week started with a giant game of "Pong" on the side of a 133-meter office block on the night of April 19, with a second round scheduled for April 24.

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    Samsung in line to run lottery

    Business, Wichit Chantanusornsiri, Published on 04/03/2013

    » The Seoul-based Samsung Group is likely to win the online lottery contract, replacing current contract holder Loxley GTech Technology (LGT), after offering to pay any damages demanded by the Loxley unit for contract termination by the government.

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    US tries its luck easing online gambling stand

    AFP, Published on 01/03/2012

    » Despite a new crackdown on Internet gambling this week, the US government appears to be easing its stand on many forms of online betting, prompting states to swing into action to tap a new revenue source.

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    Nigerians held in India over 'phishing' scam: police

    AFP, Published on 04/01/2012

    » Six Nigerian nationals have been arrested in the Indian city of Mumbai on suspicion of defrauding hundreds of people through text message and spam email scams, police said.

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    Yahoo! awarded $610 million in spammer case

    AFP, Published on 08/12/2011

    » Yahoo! on Wednesday said that a judge ordered spammers to pay $610 million for running a larcenous lottery scheme using the Internet pioneer's name.

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    Microsoft takes down major fake drug spam network

    AFP, Published on 18/03/2011

    » Microsoft on Thursday announced the dismantling of a "notorious and complex" network of virus-infected computers used to send billions of email messages daily hawking fake drugs.

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    One born every minute

    Database, Published on 15/12/2010

    » The cabinet decided that instead of raising the bridge, it would lower the water; by an unknown vote, the ministers voted to tell the Industry Minister to lower the standards that make ID cards so darned smart, and accept dumber ones; the thing is that the Ministry of Internet Censorship in Thailand (MICT) has already ordered 26 million of blank not-so-smart cards, and, well, paid for them; the Industry Ministry wants smart cards, not partly smart ones, and rejected them; c'mon, said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and some supporters - take these ones that are almost smart enough; if you believe that a lot of money for a certain political party is at stake in the smart-card contract - double the amount if they have to be reprinted by the heavily connected contractors V Smart Joint Venture - you are smarter than any ID card.

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    All up in the air

    Database, Published on 03/03/2010

    » The most efficient and honoured minister of Information and Communications Technology in more than a year asked Chinese companies if they could design a satellite to replace the original Thaicom One; the request, signed by the Defence Ministry as well as by Ranongruk Suwanchwee herself, would call a Chinese-designed bird a Thai name, and use it to replace the satellite that Shin Corp, now of Shingapore, refuses to replace; assuming the Chinese are willing (haha) to design a satellite and deal with the canny minister, it remains to be seen whether they also would like to build, fit, launch and perhaps maintain the bird, and how that would fit in with the Defence Ministry's contention since September, 2006, that foreigners should not be involved in Thai telecoms.

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    Promises, promises

    Database, Published on 27/01/2010

    » She earned the title of Thailand's Best Information and Communications Technology Minister of 2009, and just two weeks into the new year, she showed she has no intention of slowing down; Thailand, declared Ranongruk Suwanchwee will definitely have third generation phone service in 2011, or if not, then in a year shortly thereafter; as Korea, Japan and other countries worked on startup up 4G service, Mrs Ranongruk insisted that 3G service for Thais was a top priority, and she fully intends to spend 20 billion baht this year alone.

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    A small price to pay

    Database, Published on 20/01/2010

    » Your TOT board put huge red Xs across all the recent auctions and three billion baht worth of contracts to build a fibre-optic network for broadband Internet, and vowed to call new contracts; the decision followed remarks by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva over the high prices of some of the bids, and your TOT will be certain to write new terms of reference for new auctions; the rather complicated auction was run in portions, for various parts of the country, but luckily for TOT turned out to total 3.03 billion baht, a full 0.01 billion below the budget; now they will have to do it all again, and despite what Mr Abhisit says, prices do go up, don't they?

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