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    Justice system still shackled by politics

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 07/02/2019

    » Has Thailand been caught between a rock and a hard place over the extradition case of detained Bahraini footballer Hakeem al-Araibi, who holds refugee status in Australia but is wanted by Bahrain for alleged vandalism?


    Overlooking Araibi's rights

    News, Editorial, Published on 02/02/2019

    » As it requested the Criminal Court to proceed with extraditing Bahraini footballer Hakeem al-Araibi to Manama yesterday, the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) sent a message to the international community that it would rather entertain Bahrain's request than follow international principles on refugee treatment.


    Asylum policy adjustments welcome

    News, Editorial, Published on 21/01/2019

    » The new, high-profile chief of immigration is promising an optimistic and extremely welcome change of policy. While the exact plans are being thrashed out, Pol Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn pledges to provide more humane and professional treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.


    News that is driving us all up the wall

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 20/01/2019

    » Just as most Brits must be sick to death of ever hearing the word Brexit, across the Pond one suspects the majority of Americans have also had more than their fill of The Wall. You can't escape those dreaded words even here in Thailand. Switch on the satellite news and you will be bombarded by the two topics, analysed by every expert in the world, most of whom happen to have just written a book on the subject.


    Don't drag on Araibi case

    News, Editorial, Published on 15/01/2019

    » The government should reconsider the continued detention of the refugee Hakeem al-Araibi, known as the refugee football player. He is being held without bail at Bangkok Remand Prison as a flight risk, while authorities from Bahrain attempt to extradite him. There is little compelling evidence to send him to a dangerous and possibly violent fate in that country. On the other hand, there are strong reasons to free him to return to Australia, where he has lived for four years in asylum while working towards citizenship.


    Two refugees, two different outcomes

    News, Published on 14/01/2019

    » Thailand's Proclamation: "We will not send anyone to die" -- what does this mean for Hakeem al-Araibi?


    No, Brexit Britain doesn't want its empire back

    News, John Lloyd, Published on 14/01/2019

    » Britain is moving towards an exit from the European Union on March 29, possibly with no agreement, and thus courting – according to the Bank of England – an 8 percent drop in GDP and a 7.5% rise in unemployment. A drear prospect, attended by matching drear commentaries on the stupidity of the 52 percent of the British electorate who voted for Brexit in 2016.


    Thailand must release al-Araibi

    News, Published on 11/01/2019

    » Every year, Thailand welcomes thousands of newlyweds on tourism packages, promising a once in a lifetime experience. Little did a Pascoe Vale Football Club player and former Bahrain national team member Hakeem al-Araibi and his bride realise when they left Melbourne on their honeymoon that Thailand would send a squad of police to arrest him as he got off the plane and threaten to send him to Bahrain, where he faces torture and wrongful imprisonment.


    New year, fresh hope

    News, Editorial, Published on 01/01/2019

    » Another year, another promise of an election -- only this time the promise appears to be real. The fourth year and part of the fifth under the military regime were hardly noteworthy. The nation survived but did not prosper, economically or morally. There is almost universal hope in every corner of the country that 2019 will be different.


    2018: The rescue that gripped the world

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 30/12/2018

    » It ended up as a truly inspiring feel-good story, but could so easily have been a heart-breaking tragedy. That was why the tale of the Wild Boars football team -- 12 young Thai boys and their coach trapped in a flooded cave system in Chiang Rai -- held the attention of the world for more than a fortnight.

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