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    Manacled again

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 08/04/2018

    » It has been quite an early summer harvest for the regime combines baling up inconvenient voices.


    Full medal jacket

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 10/03/2019

    » After the failure of a brief moment of <i>Scum of the Earth</i> intimidation, the generals have gone running to court with their twin packs of green-shirt and government lawyers.


    A right royal confusion

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 10/02/2019

    » So a petite, 67-year-old woman stood against the tanks and the many-starred green shirts of the Royal Thai Army, and she whipped them. Public opinion agreed on that, and public opinion is how the nation's going to settle it on March 24.


    Fairness needs to be ensured

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 27/01/2019

    » In sports, as in politics, they call it a "tilted playing field". One or many tiny modifications to the game area give advantages that don't absolutely guarantee that the home team wins, but help to make it more likely.


    Out of the box

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 20/01/2019

    » For kakistocrats who have failed for four years-plus to organise reconciliation, bring back happiness, fight pollution in the air and on the beaches or even to organise so much as a date for an election, our all-male green-shirt regime sure has a lot to criticise about the rest of us.


    Military firepower

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 06/01/2019

    » There are certain people who have stayed quiet for four-plus years who now are emerging with little bravado.


    Easy choices made difficult

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 23/12/2018

    » Lucius Edward William Plantagenet Cary, aka Lord Falkland, went to his death in the English Civil war, leaving little of note except a rule that could be the official motto of libertarians.


    Still watching

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 16/12/2018

    » In its infinite benevolence and wisdom and all-around sacrifice, the exclusive men's club known as the National Council for Peace and Order (Junta) gave back some of the stuff they took from us four and a half years ago.


    Independence muted

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 09/12/2018

    » The famously annoyable general prime minister was annoyed last week. The country's two largest political parties politely RSVP'd his invitation to a prayer meeting but declined because of the raucous nature of the worship.


    The political class

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 02/12/2018

    » While the politicians asking for your priceless vote were trying to make appointments at the spinal replacement clinic, the general prime minister went to Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel told him he should restore democracy in Thailand. He said he's going to have an election next year, and that was the end of it.

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