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    Supporting the coup, boycotting brands

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 26/06/2014

    » It wasn’t long enough ago that I could have forgotten. For half-a-year before the coup, so many Thais, the number reaching millions on certain days, left the comfort of their homes and took to Bangkok’s streets in peaceful protests against the highly corrupted previous government. Almost on a daily basis, they were attacked by armed men. Dozens had been killed, children included, while many more were injured and have to live the rest of their lives with physical disabilities. The police never arrested any of the murderers. At the time, the United States and the European Union never showed any concern. Understandably, it was purely Thailand’s internal affairs and none of their business.


    Brotherhood of the Asean bikers

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 31/07/2014

    » It’s not unknown that there is a special bond between cyclists. In Thailand, for example, it’s common for a rider to greet other bikers on the street, even if they are complete strangers — a practice that is non-existent among any other group of road users.


    Thailand: for your biking needs

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 26/02/2015

    » With increasing popularity, cycling is featured more often in the media, both as good and bad news. Recently a unique biking video was posted on YouTube. Shot in New Zealand, it shows two riders racing down a mountainside overlooking a beautiful lake, one dressed as a tortoise and the other as a hare. Unlike most downhill-mountain-biking-themed films, there were not many hair-raising stunts. But what I found very interesting was the fact that it was not a production by bike makers, star pro riders, bike magazines or major race sponsors. It was created by an airline.


    Can cycling licence save lives?

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 14/05/2015

    » Following last week's spate of horrible road accidents that resulted in a total of four cyclists being killed and several more injured by law-breaking drivers (drunk driving confirmed in one case), the authorities have come up with a genius plan. Top officials at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Department of Land Transport have reportedly agreed on one thing they think will make the city's streets safer for bikers and everybody else: a cycling licence.


    Sharpen up the mind and learn Chinese

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 16/07/2015

    » Languages are more than a tool for communication. I have experience to prove that.


    The greatest of Thai patriots 

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 22/10/2015

    » Independence Day doesn't exist on the Thai calendar, thanks to the countless number of patriots in the past who devoted their lives to protect their homeland from foreign rule. One of the heroes we should not forget is the great King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), who is remembered through an annual national holiday on Oct 23.


    Wake up Westerners! Make your voices heard

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 12/11/2015

    » The other day I received a forwarded clip via Line, of a silent film by Charlie Chaplin.


    A drought of understanding

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 09/05/2016

    » Tonight there will be a new moon. According to the Thai lunar calendar, tomorrow will be the first day of the sixth month. And that reminds me of the classic Thai country song Fon Duen Hok (Rain Of The Sixth Month) and its famous description of rice fields at this time of year, when the air is moist with light rain and filled with the resonating frog calls that mark the beginning of monsoon season.


    Honouring Dad

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 05/12/2016

    » As far back as I could remember Dec 5, the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, has always been considered the National Father's Day. Today is the first time in the lives of millions of Thais to observe this important occasion without the beloved royal father figure.

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