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    Buddhism and freedom of speech

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 14/01/2015

    » How to be truthful in a hostile environment? How to say things that need to be said to avoid coercion and violence from low tolerance of criticism? What should we respect more in an open society where different cultural norms often compete and clash — freedom of expression or cultural sensitivity?


    'Little people' prove change is possible

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 03/12/2014

    » Buckets of fresh blue sea crabs and transparent sea prawns bigger than our palms are among a myriad of huge catches that are the reason for the giant grins on the sun-drenched faces of the people who live in a fishing community.


    Some stay organic

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 09/08/2012

    » When the government pays almost 50 per cent more than the domestic market price for "every single grain" farmers produce, they naturally pump farm chemicals into their paddy fields to push up yields and grow as much rice as they can. Not Somboon Daeng-aroon, however.


    Kasian warns hatred could get out of hand

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 04/02/2012

    » Kasian Tejapira, a former student activist who went through the atrocity of Oct 6, 1976, in which state forces cracked down brutally on left-leaning students, gives his view of the controversy regarding the proposal to amend the lese majeste law and the order by Thammasat University, where he teaches, to ban political activities relating to the move from its campuses.

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