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    World economy: Is the pendulum swinging back?

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 12/10/2017

    » Around the time we entered the new millennium, humanity moved from information intensification into a new economic age: the age of creation intensification. In the innovation economy, the key competitive advantage of individuals, companies and countries alike is creation -- the ability to use existing and newly emerging theories, know-how and technologies to create novel, original and meaningful value.


    Tracking the long-term impacts of innovation training

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 27/04/2017

    » What are the long-term impacts on learners who have taken training in structured innovation? What do they recall? What is the long-term effectiveness of systematic creativity training with regard to building up creative confidence? Did the learning journey inspire some to pursue careers?


    The creative laws that govern innovation

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 28/04/2016

    » Have you ever thought about the creative laws that govern an innovation process? In the context of a particular domain, a law is a statement of fact, based on observation, that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present. It may also be a generalisation based on a fact or event perceived to be recurrent. Today, let me share with you a series of creative laws that other innovation experts and I have noticed during our years of work in the innovation domain.


    Why using one creative process stage leads to dull ideas

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 26/05/2016

    » When you "brainstorm" for ideas with a team, do you typically deliver conventional ideas that -- if you're honest -- you could have obtained without dedicating so much extra time? Well, the reason you ended up with these ordinary low-hanging fruits doesn't mean that you and your teammates are not creative. Rather, it means that you used an ineffective process -- if you used a process at all.


    Understanding the cycles of change using 'TIPS' (Part 1)

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 29/09/2016

    » Imagine that a time machine took you back a few hundred years to a feudal principality. Upon your arrival, you're randomly assigned to join one of three traditional social groups: farmers, clerics or warriors. If you're lucky, you feel a natural connection with your class and perform well in your new role.


    A look at creativity in the Year of the Monkey

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 04/02/2016

    » In a few days, it will be time to say Gong Xi Fa Cai and welcome the Year of the Monkey (or the Red Fire Monkey to be precise). Of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac, the monkey is the one most closely related to us humans. What creative inspirations can we get from the monkey to help us thrive in the coming 12 months?


    Dos and don'ts for a successful innovation project

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 21/01/2016

    » At the beginning of a new year, many businesses consider doing something innovative to refresh their products and services or the ways they promote and deliver them. Planning and successfully running an innovation project is both a science and an art. Today, I will share with you eight dos and don'ts. Beware of the don'ts to avoid project failure (mediocre, ordinary ideas and outputs) and heed as many of the dos as possible to enjoy project success (extraordinary ideas and innovative results).


    How to innovate with a human touch

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 12/11/2015

    » What is the smallest common denominator that you, I and all other readers of this article have in common? We're human. Being human means we all share a set of human wants and needs, values and emotions that represent the essence of humanness. Let's discuss how we may create more meaningful innovations by playing on the human factor.


    Don't be afraid of the dark side of innovation if you want to succeed

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 03/09/2015

    » Creativity and innovation is not only my profession but also my passion. But my quest to create more effective innovation methods has made me realise a related dilemma: What if someone used my expertise to work for "the dark side" of innovation?


    Archetypes and your brand

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 20/11/2014

    » Have you ever noticed that some people you meet remind you of others you have known? That character types recur in myth and the narrative arts? These character classes are called archetypes, and you can use them to learn about yourself as well as your brand.

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