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    Monsoon tales

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 13/07/2018

    » While the scorching heat of Thailand will always be around, we're now into the season where that would be alleviated with a "bit" of rainfall. Yes, it's rainy season in Thailand, which means an increase in picky taxi drivers, wet floors on the BTS and Minesweeper-like pavements that could spew dirty water on you when you step on them. Despite the great inconvenience it causes, it also results in great stories that shouldn't just be kept to ourselves. Having said that, we asked you, our dear readers, what experiences you've had in the torrential downpour season, and as always, you didn't disappoint. Here are our faves.

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    Artisanal eats

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 04/05/2018

    » Technology is a blessing and a curse. It makes life easier and in turn makes us lazy and have short attention spans. We want things done quick and we want things now, and we've lost the appreciation for the art and process of handmade products and the skill it requires because hey, if robots can do it, why can't people? That makes things made by hand more special despite the fact that that's the way things have been done for years. Handmade means nothing, however, if it also isn't high quality. Luckily, the Big Mango is home to a number of stores that produce top-tier artisanal products -- more specifically, artisanal food, which we think makes it more special because nothing is more special than food, right? You may not be aware of some of these stores (we admit we ourselves weren't aware some of them existed) but hey, that's why we're here -- to tell you about them so all you have to do is feast and enjoy. Here are five artisanal eats in Bangkok that you should try.

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    Classy and livin' it up

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 27/10/2017

    » <b>The setting</b>: There's a good reason why this place is called Living Room. Walking into the Park Hyatt Bangkok, there's no doubt it's a five-star establishment. After all, it's located right beside Central Embassy. Despite that, its elegance is subtle and subdued and even though you know you're walking through a pretty classy place, it still feels very much like home. Living Room is no different. Being the hotel's lounge area, it's frequented by people who want to have meetings or do work, ladies who want to have a chat over tea, or just anyone who want to have a relaxing meal. You can also sit outside on the terrace to enjoy the view and breeze. Plus, its pantry is open for guests to witness how everything is prepared, which makes it feels as if it's yours. Basically, it's aptly named Living Room because it feels like your own living room. Even if the ceilings are eight metres high and adorned with contemporary art, we couldn't help but feel very much at home as we tried the lunch and afternoon tea.

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