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    The BODY Show

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 14/12/2010

    » The human body is an amazing and complex thing, but most people, for good reasons, have only ever seen a fraction of it - the outside. But inside, it is a completely different story. You are a complex group of systems made up of organs that are, in turn, made up of different tissues that themselves are made up of cells.



    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 01/06/2010

    » There are places we can go on this planet where we are not the dominant species or top predator, places where only brave men dare to venture and places where humans actually, and actively, get preyed upon. To be eaten alive, I think, would be the worst way to die, yet it happens to people every year, eaten alive by a few select animals. Let me introduce you to the maneaters.


    Lords of the air

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 06/04/2010

    » Predators always arouse our interest whether we see them on TV or in the wild. What is truly amazing about predatory animals is their wide choice of lethal weapons and their varied techniques for catching prey. This article highlights some incredible aerial hunters. The next article will feature land predators, and following that we will review killers of the sea.


    Apex land predators

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 20/04/2010

    » During my stay in Africa, seeing lions, hyenas, crocodiles and leopards brought on a wave of fear and respect for predators and their prey.

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