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    Lazing on a stormy Sunday afternoon

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 09/06/2019

    » Every now and again, I escape to the Northeast (Isan), more specifically the northernmost part of Chaiyaphum province, to relax, unwind, mellow out, chill out and hopefully not freak out. It is always a rewarding experience to shake off the madness of the Big Mango for a few days and settle into a pace of life that drifts between slow, very slow and practically dormant. That's something I can handle quite comfortably. In some ways it must resemble being transferred to an inactive post.


    Just grin and look stupid and you'll be OK

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 16/04/2017

    » When I was first in Thailand I used to think Songkran was great fun. Throwing water and getting soaking wet seemed a very sensible diversion from the overwhelming April heat. I was even a little disappointed if I didn't get a good drenching from grinning urchins. Everyone seemed so happy. It was definitely sanook.


    A year most of us would rather forget

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 25/12/2016

    » It is customary at this stage of the year to review events of the past 12 months, but this has been no ordinary year for Thailand. It has been a very sad time with the loss of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, which plunged the entire kingdom into a state of mourning.


    Reaching the finish line in Rio's Games

    Oped, Roger Crutchley, Published on 21/08/2016

    » Because of the 10-hour time difference, it's been quite gruelling following that sporting event down in the land where "coffee beans grow by the billions" -- I still can't get that song out of my head. I can safely claim to have dozed off while watching swimming, boxing, badminton, golf (sorry Ariya) and missing far too many gold medal performances.


    Fire engines in the firing line again

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 17/07/2016

    » It looks like we might be at the start of another fire engine saga, something the unfortunate Thai public has become all too familiar with over the years.


    Climb every mountain … ford every stream

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 06/03/2016

    » About 18 months ago, I stood at the foot of Phu Kradung (Bell Mountain) in Loei province, contemplating whether I was capable of making it to the top.


    Another year to remember, or maybe forget

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 28/12/2014

    » Well, we've just about scraped through another 12 months, although at times things did look a bit on the shaky side. At least all the whistle-blowing has abated. Here are a few reminders of events and characters that graced the year 2014, although some you may prefer to forget.


    The house is gone, but memories linger

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 05/05/2013

    » Last week curiosity got the better of me while in the vicinity of Samitivej Hospital, and I dropped by the little soi off Sukhumvit 49 where I lived for more than two decades until 2006.


    Still searching for the sound of silence

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 28/04/2013

    » Last Wednesday was International Noise Awareness Day, although if you live in Bangkok you could be forgiven for being blissfully unaware of this momentous occasion. It's hardly a revelation, but it's desperately difficult to escape noise in Thailand. You can't go to a department store or supermarket these days without being assaulted by an incessant babble of sales pitches from ladies with microphones, promoting anything from skin whitening creams to absurd looking lingerie.


    Those barking rascals are wagging their tails again

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 21/04/2013

    » It is good to see North Korea is maintaining its flair for stirring rhetoric. Last week it likened the US to a "boiled pumpkin", which has a certain whimsical appeal. Long-time observers will appreciate that whoever came out with the pumpkin imagery is simply following a grand tradition of spokesmen from north of the DMZ.

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