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    Illegal water wells raided

    Published on 22/08/2012

    » PHUKET: Police and officials of the Phuket Office of the Natural Resources and Environment Department (NRE) raided the construction site of new restaurant on Soi Luang Pusupha in Chalong Wednesday morning (Aug 22), where they found evidence of ground water being pumped illegally.

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    French snorkeller killed by speedboat

    Published on 20/08/2012

    » PHUKET: A French tourist was killed when a speedboat hit him while he was snorkelling off Phi Phi island on Saturday (August 18).

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    Mystery corpse floats in the sea

    Published on 30/07/2013

    » Marine police were quick off the mark after spotting a bobbing object in the sea off Wongamat Beach. It was discovered to be the dead body of an unknown man, aged about 30 and wearing only sweatpants. There were no injuries to the body and he had been dead a day or two. Local fishermen said it was likely that the man had been murdered or maybe had accidentally fallen into the water. It is hoped that an autopsy will shed light on the matter.

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    Public Hearing in Hua Hin Launches the High Speed Train Project

    Published on 05/07/2013

    » The Bureau of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (BTTPP) recently organised a public hearing about the Bangkok-Hua Hin high speed train project.  Officials revealed their preliminary research and design and local people expressed their opinions about this project.

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    Elderly honored in Banglamung

    Published on 10/05/2013

    » <p>The Banglamung Home for the Aged celebrated its annual seniors’ day by handing out certificates of merit to the area’s men and women over 60 who have contributed to charitable and other worthy causes. There were also donations from private individuals to buy wheelchairs and other needed equipment at the centre.  Also on hand were free haircuts, acupuncture and foot massage as well as traditional pouring of water over the hands of the seniors.</p>

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    New Centara 5-star hotel set to open on Phratamnak

    Published on 08/05/2013

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    Rawai soi turned into garbage dump

    Published on 18/04/2013

    » Canadian expat Andy Greenlay, 71, has been picking up garbage around where he lives in Rawai for 30 years, but the garbage problem has become so bad now that he cannot keep up with it.

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    Dolphin dies after rescue from Phuket’s Nai Harn beach

    Published on 18/04/2013

    » The dolphin – estimated to be between eight and 10 years old, weighing 60 kilogrammes, and 1.3 metres long – is believed to have died from loss of blood and water in the lungs.

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    Phuket manager arrested after ‘years of bullying and cheating’

    Published on 22/01/2013

    » PHUKET: The developer and manager of a condominium in Wichit has been arrested on a variety of charges after tenants complained about a reign of fear he conducted against them as he allegedly pocketed money that should have been used to pay bills or for repairs.

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    Thailand’s Hidden Hazards

    Published on 06/08/2012

    » Thailand travel guides warn you of exotic diseases that melt your brain, shopping scams that gut your wallet, and cultural no-no’s that may send you to the slammer, but seldom cover the day-to-day, life-threatening hazards you only learn about if you survive them. On my first day in Thailand, I almost died just trying to walk.

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