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    Democrats no strangers to tariffs

    News, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 15/06/2018

    » US President Donald Trump's aggressive approach to trade, which was on stark display at last week's G7 summit in Quebec, has elicited widespread derision. Critics point out that his tariffs hurt the domestic economy -- by raising costs for consumers and producers, and reducing foreign sales of farmers and other exporters -- while undermining America's relationships with its own allies. But there is one point that many observers get wrong: contrary to popular belief, Mr Trump's tariffs are not an unprecedented departure from historical Republican orthodoxy.


    Why anti-Obamacare crusade was bound to fail

    News, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 28/07/2017

    » Since the United States' Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- or "Obamacare" -- was enacted in 2010, Republicans have been promising to "repeal and replace" it. When the 2016 presidential and congressional elections delivered all three branches of the US government to the party, the time to fulfill that promise seemed to have arrived. Yet the anti-Obamacare crusade has just been dealt a crushing blow, owing to the refusal of some Republican senators to vote for the replacement legislation.


    Worthwhile to give the tpp a second look

    Business, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 13/10/2015

    » Agreement among negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) represents a triumph over long odds. Tremendous political obstacles, both domestic and international, had to be overcome to conclude the deal. And now critics of the TPP's ratification, particularly in the US, should read the agreement with an open mind.

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