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    Spreading the good word

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 28/01/2015

    » 'Revenge" is a world I hear frequently in nearly every Chinese martial arts movie. I don't remember how many I watched when I was young, but it was enough to make me learn the famous phrase "nee khaen tong chamra" and make fun of it with my friends.

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    Browbeating bullies

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 28/10/2019

    » I'm not a fan of any boy bands or girl groups from South Korea but I was shocked by the news of the death of Sulli that made big headlines in Thailand two weeks ago. I didn't know much about her before but the speculation that her sudden death was suicide and that cyberbullying may have been a contributing factor saddened me and made me curious to know what happened to her life.

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    Rohingya need help, not our pathos

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 25/09/2017

    » It's sad to see this happen in the home of our neighbour. The cruel attacks and random killings that are common in warfare yet scar humanity are the last thing we want to see.

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    His Majesty's compassionate legacy for Thais

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 12/12/2016

    » Tomorrow will be the two-month anniversary of the day that our beloved HM King Bhumibol passed away. It was a very difficult time where we struggled to deal with our grief over this great loss. He was the only King most Thais knew since we were born, the only figure who genuinely cared about everyone in the country and the only person whose every presence brought so much joy to all of us. I don't know how long it will take us to successfully come to terms with the fact that we will never see him again.

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    Our own worst enemies

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 29/05/2014

    » The world is getting scarier every day. The main culprits aren’t natural disasters, even though they wreak havoc on Earth year in and year out. The phenomena are beyond our control and people can always learn to live with them.

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    Crimes committed in the name of religion

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 04/09/2013

    » I've always been proud of my religion. Buddhism has long been praised as a religion of peace and its followers are reputed to possess a highly tolerant attitude towards people of different faiths. That's why there are hardly any reports of inter-religious conflicts in history involving Buddhists.

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    Forget revenge, learn forgiveness

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 11/10/2012

    » Sept 29 and 30 this year must have been one of the most depressing weekends in decades for Buddhists around the world. That weekend there was a news photo showing a Buddha statue standing amid wreckage, with rows of coconut trees in the background. My heart sank and I immediately wanted to know which temple in which part of the world had been hit by a cyclone.

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