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    Teachers stay despite violence

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 15/09/2010

    » Government teachers in the deep South are staying, but want better security

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    'Soldiers go home' signs put up in Yala

    Online Reporters, Published on 26/07/2013

    » The discovery of more "Soldiers go home" banners in Yala on Friday has increased concerns about the fragile ceasefire in the troubled southern border provinces.

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    Inter-faith relations on a knife-edge

    News, Published on 19/05/2018

    » State-initiated projects aimed at bridging cultural and ethnic gaps between people of different religions in the far South, a region still wracked by separatist-led violence, are making headway by tackling some of the most divisive issues, according to local officials.

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    Solution to South lies in flexible negotiations

    News, Published on 06/09/2014

    » Stein Tønnesson, leader of Uppsala University's East Asia Peace programme, talks to Achara Ashayagachat about why he believes negotiated solutions to the southern insurgency are unlikely any time soon.

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    All aboard for a scary trip down South

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 09/04/2016

    » The news reads: Hard-line critics of the regime will be sent to take intensive "training courses" in the Deep South. The National Council of Peace and (dis)Order (NCPO) has confirmed the courses in the camps, which will be longer and more rigorous than the regular attitude adjustment series.

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    Yala deputy Governor killed in the car bomb attack

    By DSuthikant, Created on: 06/04/2013, Last updated on: 07/04/2013

    » Bangkok Post April 6, 2013 Yala Province's deputy governor was killed in a road side attack in Bannang Sata District in Yala. His car was being escorted by the security forces. The national security council chief Paradon Pattanatabut said he believed that this car bomb attack was not the attempt of...

    • modsquad commented : rn insurgents to escalate the violence. He also stated that this is not the indication that the peace talk between the government and a group of insurgents in Malaysia is a failure. To me it is a failure. The violence is not escalated, it has been at the max already. The peace talk with "A GROUP OF INSURGENTS" has not decreased the violence any. Why it is failure? Because the government has gone into the wrong direction from the beginning? I went to the South myself last July after soldiers shot 4 innocent civilian dead to find out what was going on and talked to about a hundred people from all walks of life in Pattani and Narathiwas (see video: Truth and promises of the Southerners on Youtube) and they all said that There were no organized insurgents, there were people who were not satisfied with the government and some took up violence as the way to protest. What they were upset about? Military forces abused them as enemies and watched them as prisoners. Corrupted government employees, the 16 billion baht that have been allotted to them in the past 8 years budget for community and economy improvement and development; they yet have to see a dime triggered to them. Their solutions: Move soldiers out, and Show them the money. See they have solutions, clear and easy. Does the government does what they as ask, even it does not cost her anything? NO! NO! NO! And what the government has been doing? Everything else, but what the Southern people ask for. So what do they expec[/quote:xlt4l3yo] My condolences to the governor's family.

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