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    Muse, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 04/11/2017

    » 1 Vive La France! From this month forward, citizens of Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India and Russia won't have to wait 10 days for their visa delivery time. The French government has now significantly reduced visa delivery times to merely 48 hours in order to try to increase the number of foreign tourists following a dramatic dip due to the wave of terrorist attacks in 2016. This year, the country is targeting 89 million tourists from 83 million last year, and plans to bring in 100 million tourists in 2020.


    Bridging the gap

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 24/10/2018

    » Ancient temples and modern art. They seem like two ends of a cultural spectrum that wouldn't seem to bridge well with one another.


    Seeking the past

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 01/06/2018

    » Narrow alleyways, ancient houses, mansions of bygone aristocrats, temples and mosques, shrines and churches in the old town: The vintage craze has brought about a proliferation of speciality tourism, and it's enjoying huge popularity while promoting history lessons.


    Playing with symbolism

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 19/02/2018

    » Nakrob Moonmamas is best known for the beautiful chaos of his collage work, a kaleidoscope of Thai symbols and non-Thai ephemera. In his new exhibition though, Nakrob moves from 2D paper to 3D installation work. "Coronets" explores the literal and abstract meaning of the Thai headdress chada, playing with dimensions and symbolism of this ancient Thai object. His work is on show at Thong Lor Art Space until Feb 20.


    Reeling in the viewers

    Muse, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 08/07/2017

    » To the eyes of your average Joe, Googling the words "Bangkok Hooker" may get you some strange, if not disgusted looks. But to anyone who knows a thing or two about fishing, it's a whole different story.


    In her art, religion and ruins

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 19/01/2017

    » Last Friday inside the Singapore Art Museum, Pannaphan Yodmanee tiptoed around her giant art installation, an arrangement of ruins and pagodas scattered on the floor, as she tried to find the best spot for a portrait. Once able to set her feet down properly, the commotion started.


    Waking the dead

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 18/01/2019

    » Walking along Khon Kaen's historic Srichan Road, you might expect tumbleweed to roll past at any given moment. The shophouses that line the street are shut -- empty and abandoned. Roadside restaurants are scarce and vacant. Apart from the one café and jazz bar down the street, there's nothing to see or do. Srichan Road, put simply, is dead. Thankfully, the Creative Economy Agency (CEA) and Khon Kaen Municipality, are planning to change that.


    Trekking lightly: a trip through the himalayas

    Brunch, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 10/06/2018

    » It was 7.30 in the morning. Driving through misty clouds on an unpaved road sandwiched between a plummeting mountain drop and a local Nepali village, our jeep clamored its way up from Pokhara's peaceful lakeside to Nayapul -- the starting point to the "shortest" and "easiest" trek in central Nepal.


    The North's most creative week of the year

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 13/12/2017

    » This past weekend Chiang Mai was buzzing with artists, creative entrepreneurs and design lovers from all over the country as the third rendition of Chiang Mai Design Week came and went in a flash.


    Ensconced in silk

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 29/09/2017

    » Jim Thompson's new flagship store at Siam Paragon looks good. Really good. Gone are the ugly brown interiors and unattractive shopping bags that no one wanted to be seen carrying. Gone are the loud shirts and dolls that only tourists would buy as souvenirs for their friends and family. Investing in a whole new team to completely transform the brand, Jim Thompson has stepped up their game and seeks to bring the Thai brand onto the luxury world stage within a few years time.

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