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    Birds of a feather flock together

    Life, Smith Sutibut, Published on 09/11/2012

    » Bang Poo seaside resort in Samut Prakan was built in 1937 when Field Marshal Pibul Songgram was premier. It was intended to be a resort for the public to relax at as well as for recuperating soldiers. Today it is under the auspices of the Quartermaster Department of the Royal Thai Army. The most outstanding feature of Bang Poo is Sukta Pier, which juts 500m into the sea. At the end of the pier is Sukjai Pavilion which has served food and drink for over 50 years.


    Lord of the Jungle

    Life, Smith Sutibut, Published on 30/07/2012

    » Yesterday _ July 29 _ was Global Tiger Day, as designated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). But how many people are aware of that, considering you only hear about tigers being hunted or trafficked, or only see them in zoos?


    A life aquatic

    Life, Smith Sutibut, Published on 25/06/2012

    » Amid the vast azure body of water, some 10m in front of the boat, the massive grey bulk of a marine creature pushes itself out of the surface without any warning. It slowly opens its mouth until you can see the pink palate and the yellow baleen plates along the length of the jaw. Schools of small fish scatter out of the gaping hole, like water that is boiling over, and the creature's mouth closes as it sinks below the surface. The boat's prow just misses a direct collision.

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