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    True costs only Bangkokians know

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 28/09/2018

    » Have you noticed that somethings in life come with hidden costs -- monetary or otherwise -- that we may not be aware of until we experience it? And some of them are pretty unique to the Bangkok way of life. If you're not sure what I'm getting at, take a look at the examples below that may make you nod along (or hopefully laugh along). g


    How Thai Chinese are you?

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 16/02/2018

    » As the editor (and the Thai-Chinese token of this magazine), I would like to celebrate Chinese New Year with a fun test to gauge how Thai-Chinese you are. I mean, according to Theraphan Luangthomkun's Language, Nation And Development In Southeast Asia, it was estimated that there are about 26 million Thais of full or partial Chinese descent. So, Happy Chinese New Year to about 40% of the Thai population, I guess.


    Thailand-Only Headlines

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 17/02/2017

    » If you've pored over newspapers (in a desperate hope to find a story to base your editor's note) as much as I have, you can't help but notice the types of stories that make the front page or your Facebook newsfeed again and again. Here are nine Thailand-only headlines I've noticed from various news outlets on numerous occasions, along with my observations on them. Strictly for your entertainment.


    16 facts about being Thai Chinese

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 27/01/2017

    » To mark Chinese New Year (Jan 28), let's take a look at the different sides of being Thai nationals of Chinese descent.



    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 22/07/2016

    » Yippee! A new skywalk helping to connect Big C Ratchadamri, CentralWorld and Platinum Fashion Mall has been recently opened, giving us an all-round smoother shopping spree and a new selfie spot.


    You had one job: Thai edition

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 08/12/2017

    » Have you ever felt like you're not so good at the only job you have? For example, having a major writer's block over things to write about in an editor's note or failing to catch a typo. I guess we all have that moment when we think we could have done something better. If so, don't be too hard on yourself, since there are other examples in Thailand where people have failed, rather hilariously, in their jobs. We're only human, after all. Here are some fun blunders to cheer you up after a bad day in the office!


    How to Boost Thai Tourism

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 15/09/2017

    » Our daddy publication Bangkok Post reported on Monday that the govt has set a goal to achieve a 10% growth in revenue within the tourism sector -- about three trillion baht (that's one three and 12 zeroes) -- next year through its campaign, Amazing Thai Tourism Year 2018. They will be introducing various promotions and packages to encourage both Thais and foreign tourists to explore new places and stay longer.


    When Adults say the Darnest Thangs!

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 05/05/2017

    » Age and wisdom are conventionally thought to go hand in hand. It just makes sense. The older you are, the more knowledgeable and the more experience you've acquired. It's thus fair to assume you should also have the ability to form sound and coherent statements.

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