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    Admiring the night lights of Japan

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 21/07/2017

    » International tourists, Thais included, visit and revisit Japan for many reasons, from cherry blossoms and autumn leaves to food and fruits to the culture and courteousness of the people. As if that's not enough, the country has added one more: yakei.


    Living in the past

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 10/06/2019

    » Apart from giving rise to keyboard warriors and other nuisances, the digital age also has a good side. One thing I love most about today's world is that it has given me easy access to tons of photographs from the distant past. And that, at least to me, is almost like time travel.


    What Thai youths do not know

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 08/04/2019

    » It's no secret that a large number of new-generation Thais have poor attitudes toward their homeland. Scornful posts and non-constructive comments are rampant on the internet. The causes of their resentment are numerous: politics, traffic, laws, the economy, culture, social values, cost of living -- you name it.


    Know thy visitors

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 27/08/2018

    » Almost three decades ago when I was a university student, I occasionally had to travel to Don Mueang airport for a part-time job. Back then, it was Bangkok's only airport, and, with the tollway not yet in existence, was considered very far from the city centre. There, my task was to ask departing tourists to fill in questionnaires for the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), which wanted to know what they liked or disliked, as well as their spending behaviour, during their visits.


    Sharpen up the mind and learn Chinese

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 16/07/2015

    » Languages are more than a tool for communication. I have experience to prove that.


    Thailand: for your biking needs

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 26/02/2015

    » With increasing popularity, cycling is featured more often in the media, both as good and bad news. Recently a unique biking video was posted on YouTube. Shot in New Zealand, it shows two riders racing down a mountainside overlooking a beautiful lake, one dressed as a tortoise and the other as a hare. Unlike most downhill-mountain-biking-themed films, there were not many hair-raising stunts. But what I found very interesting was the fact that it was not a production by bike makers, star pro riders, bike magazines or major race sponsors. It was created by an airline.


    It's all in the wrist

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 02/10/2014

    » During a browse through news sites the other day, I stumbled upon a story that forced me to put down my tablet and rush straight to the calendar to check that it wasn't April Fools' Day.


    New year, new woes

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 04/04/2013

    » The Songkran water festival will take place again next week and more than likely we will see (as usual) in news programmes revelling tourists screaming with joy to the approaching TV camera: "I love Thailand!"

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