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    Old boyz n the Charoen Krung hood

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 04/08/2018

    » The boys once ruled Charoen Krung Road -- the boyz from the hood, sons of Chinese merchants and Muslim roti-makers, rough-around-the-edges teen bred and drilled in the network of sois, who leapt into the Chao Phraya every evening and caught catfish when the river swelled every November, who roamed Bang Rak market when it was still sludgy with vegetable scraps and sneaked into the Prince Rama Theatre when it was still showing, err, adult movies.


    Hope lives on as cave rescue crisis unfolds

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 30/06/2018

    » Time is not on their side, and not on ours. To beat nature and to outrun time -- and what cruel nature and pitiless time -- we give it everything we have.


    Hanuman help us from a 'happy' ogre

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 24/09/2016

    » The crusader has returned to the gate, ready to crush the infidels. I thought the new buzzword was "Thailand 4.0", whatever that means, and yet this week we're still arguing if a portrayal of a mythical ogre in a music video is blasphemy, a transgression against the high culture of Siam, the culture that stares down from a pedestal, that exists like a taxidermied animal on the altar of an abandoned temple.


    Pokemon goes on run from state capture

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 13/08/2016

    » No, they will not ban Pokemon Go, though it's not hard to tell how tempting that idea must be in the post-referendum landscape where peace, order and national security have been constitutionally enshrined.


    Where history begins anew

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 04/01/2016

    » When does history begin? We are at the start of 2016, when it's still not too late to say Happy New Year, and our perception of time and space has hit a refresh button. The year, new and old, is a necessary illusion that gives us a sense of order in this disorderly universe. What has happened has become "history", but history is not always in the past, not always dictated by the BC, AD, the Buddhist BE or the Islamic AH.


    It's really best when you say nothing at all

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 20/09/2014

    » Dear diary, it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt, as Mark Twain said. How charming my mouth has been in the past week. If it had been Yingluck Shinawatra saying those things, I'm sure a riot would've broken out and the sound of a million whistles would've shattered your eardrums. But it's me, so it's different. It's not the action but the man. How could those pettifogging critics interpret my speech as avuncular nonsense, when in fact they're pieces of wisdom worthy of being chronicled in the national archives and inscribed onto monuments?


    Passion for film, football out of control

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 18/05/2013

    » The only thing that inspires more passion than cinema is football. And vice versa. As social and literary critic Roland Barthes rightly said, everyone is an expert when it comes to movies and sport. A cheeky hyperbole, but not entirely false. What Barthes was actually saying, I think, is that everyone is entitled to have a strong, vehement opinion when it comes to those two subjects. Barthes was French (of course), and this week France has seen footballing and cinematic events that pumped a rush of blood to the head and boiled the haemoglobin of spectators.


    Paradise lost as evil rears its ugly head

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 05/01/2013

    » In my heyday, I was at the fabled Koh Phangan's full moon parties - three times - where I practised English, Swedish, Spanish, German and Hebrew, then walked the moonlit, vomit-strewn beach, enjoyed (meaning eating) local mushrooms, lit a bonfire of international camaraderie and watched the psychochemical clouds drift like memories into the dark Gulf of Thailand.


    Learning from Laos

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 11/12/2012

    » I was in Luang Prabang last weekend _ for a film festival, of all things. A giant screen was put up in the main square near the Handicraft Market, and for five nights people _ mostly local, with a fair sprinkling of tourists _ turned up in the hundreds to watch movies under the black night. Luang Prabang, with its functional archaeology of ancient, glorious buildings, has no cinemas. That's even better, we could say, for the effort to boost the appetite for moving images and the idea of movies as a collective experience.

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