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    Photo journey brings myanmar into the light

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 07/04/2013

    » From mountains to beaches, monks to spirits, colonial architecture to hill tribes, Myanmar is a gem of contrasts and natural beauty. It is also sublimely photogenic, making books such as the newly published Burmese Light: Impressions of the Golden Land, by Hans Kemp and Tom Vater, visually arresting.

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    'Evil man from Krabi' victim speaks out

    Spectrum, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 25/11/2012

    » 'Im trying to pick up my life again, but until justice is served I'm finding it difficult," said the victim of a alleged rape in July, in Ao Nang, Krabi province last week.


    Going deep into the waterways of life

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 01/07/2012

    » Visitors to Bangkok 100 years ago described a city of tree-lined canals and floating markets, of languid ferry drivers taking people around town. In a modern age of choking traffic, concrete high-rises and hectic urban life, such images of the past are still layered with nostalgia.


    It's time to meet the neighbours

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 15/07/2012

    » It vies for the title of most photogenic country on earth. Bigger than Thailand, with a similar size population, Myanmar has through years of international financial sanctions fallen behind the rest of the region in terms of influence and standing, with a military government that didn't tolerate threats to its authority. Nevertheless it has some of the region's most variegated scenery _ from mountain trekking to pristine beaches _ stunning temples and sites, delicious food, and the great sincerity and beauty of its people.

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    A mercenary's tale

    Spectrum, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 06/05/2012

    » Peter Slade was once in prison for five years on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit another murder and attempting to overthrow a foreign government _ partly a victim, he says, of a corrupt Australian judicial system. He fought in the Vietnam War, was a security contractor in 1973 Rhodesia, a debt collector at home in Melbourne and as far afield as Nigeria, and arrived in reconstruction-era Cambodia and Iraq without connections but a desire to start anew, in stints that would last some seven years each. He witnessed first-hand the Bangkok coup that killed journalists Neil Davis and Bill Latch in 1985 and was on the beach in Patong the morning the tsunami struck Phuket in 2004.


    Cotai caught up in resort complex boom

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 13/05/2012

    » "This is the Asian century, hope you enjoy it!" said Michael Levin, Las Vegas Sands president and COO, at the grand opening of the Sands Cotai Central in Macau last month.


    Reality Check

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 13/05/2012

    » She was a part-time musician working in a New York coffee shop when a friend pressured her to audition for an obscure new reality TV show. She reluctantly gave it a shot and two months later was singing to more than 12 million television viewers in the finals of The Voice.

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    Flamenco guitar heroes bring 12 strings to fiesta

    News, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 05/02/2012

    » The individual styles of the guitar duo complement each other. Rafael Rodriguez plays classical flamenco. Daniel Lopez Vicente, or Dani de Moron, fuses modern flamenco with Brazilian and jazz influences. In their solos the difference is apparent; when they play together the combination creates a rich and resonant sound.


    The Netherlands: Beyond the naughty bits

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 05/02/2012

    » While the Netherlands might be most commonly associated with the excesses of Amsterdam, its capital, there is a vibrant cultural scene here dating back centuries.


    All packed up and many places to go

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 15/01/2012

    » Twenty or even 10 years ago, Western budget travellers would descend on the country, spending tens of thousands of baht on flights and then, to the bemusement of Thais, proceed to travel in third-class train carriages or buses to rudimentary guest houses on the beach or upcountry that cost 40 baht a night, where they showered out of buckets and shared dormitories with strangers.

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