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    Breakfast of Champions

    Guru, Published on 18/11/2016

    » We may like to stuff our faces with stacks of fluffy pancakes or slurp down a huge bowl of congee, but have you ever wondered what fitness coaches eat for their first meal of the day? We spoke to the BASE team to gain insights into what goes into their breakfast bowls and their top tips for eating healthy.


    Sweet somethings

    Muse, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 24/01/2015

    » 'To you and your sweet tooth." There is no better introduction for a book such as Sweet — a Food Network Magazine compilation of all things sugary and chocolatey that can make anyone drool (and possibly end up in a dentist's chair). The book provides a long list of diverse recipes guaranteed to be "triple-tested" and "foolproof". It promises easy-to-follow instructions, seemingly ready to turn its readers into gourmet dessert chefs.


    21 days of bootcamp

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 17/06/2016

    » How much can really change in 21 days?


    Warming Vanilla Spa Chiller

    News, Nikki Busuttil, Published on 15/12/2014

    » Spa Cenvaree warms up for the holiday season with a winter-inspired spa package to relax into the festivities…


    Heart to heart

    News, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 24/09/2014

    » Each year, 8,000 Thai babies are born with congenital heart disease. Half of them desperately need an operation in order to survive or lead a normal life, but many of them cannot afford the treatment. Even those who somehow manage to find enough money to foot the bills must go through a long wait since the facilities and specialised doctors have limited ability. While many are waiting for their turn to receive treatment, more babies are born with life-threatening conditions.


    Simple sophistications

    Guru, Richard Mcleish, Published on 05/09/2014

    » Time to eat? After the big successes of Supanniga Eating Room, a follow-up venue was always going to attract a lot of interest. The policy is the same — "the best ingredients we can find from the places we like, cooked the way we like," says co-owner Tatchai Nakapan. While Thong Lor almost sells itself as a dining destination, the big new variable in play at EAT is the mall location, putting the traditional flavours in a challenging new context. It's positioned upstairs at Groove in an irregular-shaped room, which affords it good vantage of the open kitchen as well as natural light from above (something that's missing at other Groove venues). Its modest dimensions mean that much of the prep work (sauces, etc) is still done in Thong Lor, but the cooking is now on show — a luring new element. There's space enough for 40 diners inside, while another 15 can fit out the front where the mall makes more of an impact and the seats are less comfy. Plenty of worker bees from nearby offices were present on the early evening we visited, as well as important-looking Thais and curious tourists from nearby hotels.


    Enzed offerings

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 05/09/2014

    » Although Kai is named after the Maori word for food, you won't find indigenous offerings cooked in an earth oven here. Instead, the new restaurant serves a modern New Zealand menu in an industrial atmosphere. The manly mood is conveyed through a bare concrete floor, wood panelling, sturdy tables, metal pipe shelving and more. This spacious venue offers settings for different occasions from al fresco breakfast with a side of people-watching to hearty chow time with friends in the dining area to upstairs couches and booths that should allow you more privacy. We visited when Kai was just a few weeks old and the first floor wasn't ready yet. We are told that they will open for dinner by the end of this month. Office workers and condo dwellers in the area are among their initial customers.


    9 surrogate babies found in city condo

    News, Published on 07/08/2014

    » DNA testing will be conducted to establish the relationships of nine surrogate babies and a Japanese businessman who claims to be their biological father as a fresh surrogacy scandal emerged in Thailand.


    Culinary comeback

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 15/08/2014

    » Kiosk isn't exactly a new name. After almost two years of absence, Kiosk, which used to be at Thailand Creative & Design Center, has made a comeback at a new location. It shares the same precinct with other shops at The Barkyard Bangkok, a dog-centric community space that opened last month. If you think Kiosk serves grab-and-go food through a small window as suggested by the name, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its size and selection of food. Sit al fresco if you like to people- and dog-watch while eating. Opt for the indoor dining area with its masculine and rustic feel if you don't want to risk any dogs jumping on your lap to steal food off your plate. We visited after it had been open for three weeks and most of the patrons were people who live nearby.


    A restaurant for all seasons

    Guru, Richard Mcleish, Published on 15/08/2014

    » While the main arteries of the city remain clogged with traffic and chain restaurants, it's exciting to see the emergence of back-soi venues. Settled on a quiet block of the Silom banking district, Le Du Wine Bar & Restaurant has been catering to an in-the-know clientele that likes to think outside the box, both in terms of location and menu, since opening in November. The boxy space has enough room for around 35 people in dainty surrounds that look more suited to high tea than gastro adventuring. The ornate room features a large viewing window into the kitchen, highlighting what is really on show here - the food. The night we visited was a little quiet, with a table or two of well-heeled Thais present - such is the trappings (and joy) of a destination venue.

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