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    It's an organic party at Patom

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 06/10/2017

    » <b>The setting:</b> Off the main street of Thong Lor (down Thong Lor 25 if you're coming from the BTS) is what can only be described as a jaw-dropping, high-ceilinged glass house and oasis with a garden. Patom, which in Thai means beginning, also recalls the area of Nakhon Pathom from which all its organic produce and raw materials come from. The family behind the renowned tourist destination of Sampran Riverside (more often known as The Rose Garden) bought the land alongside the Tha Chin River some 53 years ago and across from that property lies Patom's organic farm which is certified in accordance with IFOAM, EU and Canadian standards. Here, fruits herbs and vegetables are grown. Patom also gets its organic produce from other local farmers in Nakhon Pathom that are supported by BLISS, a foundation set up by Patom's founders. Alongside fresh organic produce and lunch boxes prepared daily, one can also head to the store to stock up on cold-pressed juices, drink hand-picked Chiang Dao coffee while sitting outside in the serene back garden and purchase a number of different natural body care and skin products. All products are either 100% organic or made using natural and local ingredients, with as much of the components being as organic as possible (from 30% upwards).


    It's all about roots

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 19/05/2017

    » <b>The setting:</b> Several months ago an awesome little venue called Roots set up shop in K Village and the place seems to have made an impression on the area as quite the community has now been built around this bar and grill. Crowds gather here regularly, especially during weekends to chillax, eat soul food and listen to good music. The venue is comprised of both an indoor seating area and a large outdoor garden area that has direct access to a children's playground. So, it's kid-friendly and pet-friendly too. Despite the heat, we must admit it's pretty awesome sitting outside. Sip adequately intoxicating drinks and listen to DJs Octave and KC play funky beats while simultaneously watching delicious pizzas and Turkish bread being baked before your very eyes. #chilledvibes


    Mad about Marcel

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 22/07/2016

    » You're stepping into the cozy abode of a Parisian hipster when you enter Marcel. The black and white chequered floor, the French blue walls, the light wooden tables and the sound of Prince all align together nicely, inviting you to stay. Books and newspapers line the bottom of the staircase, as do Polaroid photos of the restaurant's regular attendees, Marcel's extended family. This family has grown bigger in the last year since its opening.


    Collect/saves the day

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 09/09/2016

    » Jay Sriyuksiri leads quite an interesting and full-on life. He's a part-time house DJ that goes by the name Sarayu, holding a residency at Beam and his newly founded night, UNST (UNST UNST); he's been "trying" to produce music for over a year now; he works with his family business like a good boy most of the time and he has also been involved with something a lot more interesting as of late. A project called Collect/Save, something he set up with his friends, aimed at helping Bangkok's local electronic music community become more knowledgeable in what matters to them most — music — through a series of workshops and production master classes led by industry experts and like-minded individuals.


    Reppin' and creppin' since 1996

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 24/06/2016

    » We know what you're thinking. Crêpes & Co (C&C) isn't exactly new to Bangkok's restaurant scene. Hey, it has actually been in the game for twenty years. And this is a cause for huge celebration. Happy 20th Birthday C&C!


    The bleached blondie

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 10/06/2016

    » A poem with reason, platinum's so in this season.


    The million dollar blogger

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 03/06/2016

    » In case you didn't know, there are 197 countries in the world. And Johnny Ward has now visited 193 of them. Guru was lucky enough to meet the Irishman, a hugely successful and famous travel blogger (, whose mission for the last 10 years has been to visit every country, while making millions and never working a 9-5.


    A very veggie delight

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 10/11/2017

    » <b>The setting:</b> Alright, this doesn't really bring to mind a fancy wine and dine joint and it certainly isn't gourmet. But given that it was just vegetarian festival, we thought we'd represent a bit. Veggie Chef is what you're more likely to call street food; except, it's in an air-conditioned shophouse; it's MSG free and it's also completely vegan friendly. It's a bit of a way out of central Bangkok as it's quite close to Don Mueang Airport, yet we'll have you know that people with some hours to kill before their next flight will actually leave the airport to come to this joint, just because it's that good. Think of it as a no-frills vegan joint giving off a street food vibe, serving the most authentic tasting Thai food that's actually better than your regular Thai food because it's super healthy.


    The sound effect

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 08/09/2017

    » With the number of independent films being made and an increasing number of recording artists taking the leap into the unknown without a label, knowledge about sound and how and where to best capture it becomes key. Luckily you're in the right country. Thailand is a production hub for Southeast Asia when it comes to film and now even more so, music. So, if you've written music for a video, a movie, a music album or you've got this song in your head that you always dreamed of recording... where do you go to turn such far-fetched notes into reality? You could of course do it yourself and start off at home! All you'd need is a condenser mic, a laptop and a few other bits of hardware (e.g. an audio interface, headphones, a MIDI keyboard) and software (Logic Pro or Ableton are some of many) and you'd be well on your way. Or you could go to the professionals, who would have all the gear at your disposal as well as the know-how to see your visions turn into reality. We decided to investigate some of the city's existing recording studios to see what they have to offer in the way of making music.


    Out with the old, in with the bold

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 01/09/2017

    » <b>The setting:</b> Next to Thong Lor Soi 5 is a rather pleasing-to-the-eye establishment that opened its doors to the public about five months ago. You won't miss the beautiful wooden double French doors that certainly do add a new kind of character to the saturated-with-enough-restaurants area of Thong Lor. Perhaps Canvas will stand the test of time and tough competition. Inside is dimly lit, warm and you'll immediately notice the kitchen and its chefs, most of whom are western. You can grab a table on the ground floor, either right by the open-plan kitchen which is surrounded by a copper-esque counter for guests to sit at or slightly further from the kitchen at a table; wherever you sit on the ground floor, unless you're sitting with your back turned, you'll be able to see the chefs in full swing. Head upstairs if you want something more private.

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