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    American barbecue, the Thai way

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 04/03/2016

    » The beginning of 2016 marked a new beginning for Meat & Bones. Once solely a presence at pop-up markets and events in Bangkok, it has now set up in permanent shop in the newly opened The Commons community mall on Thong Lor Soi 17.


    Of death, brew and burgers

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 05/02/2016

    » It's easily missed, the unassuming shophouse on a quiet Chinatown soi, where traffic is light and the surroundings mundane. But keep your eyes peeled and you'll spot the intentionally weathered exterior of Let The Boy Die, a three-month-old bar the name of which is inspired by hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones. The interior, while a bit cramped, is appropriately medieval, with long communal tables and benches of stained wood, and walls adorned with peeling frescoes. Bare light bulbs add dim illumination to wooden latticework and exposed beams overhead. Leaves from ceiling-hung potted plants droop, willow-like, in their futile reach for the floor.


    Where September never ends

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 08/01/2016

    » If Green Day's hit song is to be taken seriously, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong would channel Rip Van Winkle at this autumnal eatery. Cafe September is located in Chic Republic, a relatively small outlet mall on Bang Na-Trat Rd, and is designed to resemble and evoke the quaint charm of a small European cafe, or perhaps a rustic cottage. Yellow ochre paint coats the walls, exuding warmth; tables are of light, sandy wood; homey cushions and pillows bedeck chairs and benches. A a meal at Cafe September is a relaxing one, with an atmosphere that is refreshingly distant from the uber-modern, industrial, T-1000 cool of so many of the restaurants that line Sukhumvit Road. A private dining room, which seats eight to 12, can be booked for special occasions.


    The secret's out

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 11/12/2015

    » Enter a shophouse on the alley-like Soi Chokdee, and you will find what initially appears to be a doorway leading into the first floor of a personal home. There is a small sofa, a flat-screen television and a long dining table, the darkened wood of which is somewhat medieval in appearance. A small cocktail cabinet holds a wicker basket filled with complimentary soft drinks and bottled water. The atmosphere is that of a particularly homey speakeasy — secretive, cosy, inviting, sophisticated but not overly formal. Through a partial glass door one can observe the kitchen, where the largely self-taught chef Mor, who lives upstairs, prepares a set menu that changes monthly, depending on ingredients, for a single nightly party of six to eight people, whom must book at least four days in advance. Welcome to Storehouse Dining.


    Meat love you long time

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 06/11/2015

    » A converted shipping container on Charoen Rat Road marks the kerbside location of Butcher Beef & Beer, an approximately one-month-old cook-it-yourself restaurant focusing on, you got it, beef and beer. Diners, who at the time of our visit were predominantly young and good-looking, sit on wooden stools and tables, which can be moved in- or outdoors, depending on the weather. At each table is a portable gas cooker, on which various cuts of beef, chicken, pork and seafood are prepared. The atmosphere is intimate, but not formal, a locale perfect for a start -- or an end -- to a night out. An indie-rock soundtrack will back your meal here, further adding to the hipster vibe.


    A house of meat, a carnivore's palace

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 16/10/2015

    » You won’t find much in terms of setting at El Toro House of Meat. Situated on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 29, the glass-fronted restaurant-butcher is a small place, looking out onto the lurching creep of heavy traffic, with enough seating room for only a handful of diners. Standing guard at the entrance is a display counter of fresh cuts of beef, pork and lamb for sale, some imported from countries such as Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, others from Grand Beef Farm near Phitsanulok, where the restaurants’ co-owners, Jacob Schenhav and Jair Da Rosa (who serves as El Toro’s chef), raise Wagyu cattle.


    Indique's ingenious comfort 

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 18/09/2015

    » Indique is located on the second floor of the Park 22 building, on Sukhumvit Soi 22. The interior is decorated in gaudy yet attractive golds, purples and dark browns, colours befitting Indian cuisine's country of origin. There is also a large balcony, perfect for smoking shisha or relaxing with a few drinks. Like the menu, the restaurant's decor is a seamless blend of the modern and traditional. Indique has been in operation for approximately eight months, but is still a relative secret in Bangkok. But like all juicy secrets, it will in all probability soon be outed.


    Meet Bangkok's best BBQ

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 21/08/2015

    » A blue neon sign lures the hungry into The Smokin' Pug, which is perhaps Bangkok's only true American barbecue restaurant. There are chains offering pale imitations of the fabled cuisine, but that, to an eye even remotely trained, reveal themselves to be imposters, cowering behind shields of rubbery steak, smothered in a viscous armour of cloying, pre-bottled sauce.


    Bold Italics

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 24/07/2015

    » Italics's Soi Ruam Rudi location is one of tough competition. With neighbours like Cafe Tartine and Hyde and Seek, this four-month-old eatery must do all it can to live up to its "innovative Italian" subtitle to stay relevant.


    Marcel tickles our France-y

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 26/06/2015

    » Tucked in at the end of the up-and-coming Sathon Soi 10 is the two-month-old Marcel, a casual, two-storey French bar and bistro offering tapas, beautiful main courses and a helluva cocktail list. It's owned by two French guys (Louis and Ugo) and a Thai woman (Pom). The narrow downstairs acts mostly as bar, which is long and wooden and softly lit by funky light bulbs with filaments more twisted than an M Night Shyamalan film. A black-and-white chequered floor adds to the vibe, and food served on black plates provides a chic layer of class.

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