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    Negative Happiness

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 18/02/2014

    » Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead in his New York apartment early this month with a syringe in his arm, was reported to have suffered from substance abuse all his life. Last year, Glee actor Cory Monteith was found dead in a hotel room in Canada from a drug overdose. A few years ago, Hollywood’s renowned Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger died of an overdose of prescription drugs in his apartment in Manhattan.

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    Another breakthrough anti-ageing treatment?

    Life, Dr Nantapat Supapannachart, Published on 30/07/2013

    » The recent announcement of Hybrid Energy skin technology has caused a stir in anti-ageing circles. This is an emerging advancement in fractional radio frequency (RF) technology, which is claimed to deliver natural volume refilling, along with wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation and clearing acne scars without surgery. Is this new innovation really a wonder treatment?

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    More than meets the eye

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 07/05/2013

    » At first glance, a basic accessory like a pair of sunglasses really has no reason to be expensive _ and to be a health-related issue worthy of ophthalmological concern. How much can two small dark plates and a simple frame cost, and how detrimental can a pair of poor quality sunglasses be to your eyes?

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    Sex toys: what to buy, what to avoid

    AFP Relax News, Published on 13/02/2013

    » While sex toys are designed for fun and pleasure, some are better than others when it comes to staying safe and healthy. Here's what you need to know.

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    Tackling toxicity

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 09/10/2012

    » From playground equipment, snacks children eat at school to fruit and vegetables served at home or even the food containers they use, children these days are being increasingly put at a higher risk of exposure to hazardous chemical substances than ever before.

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    Vital statistics about bras on the market

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 27/08/2012

    » When it comes to choosing a bra, colour means more than what you see _ and prefer. In fact, it can be a cause for health concern.

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    Putting a smile back on their faces

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 17/07/2012

    » She wasn't just worried; Nonglaksna Kitcharoenkankul was petrified. She'd had to have one of her teeth extracted and because of its prominent position her dentist had recommended she undergo a lengthy and expensive procedure she'd never heard of before.

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    Meal-time madness

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 24/01/2012

    » Every parent wants their children to eat well _ the right amount of nutritious food, consumed at the right time, in the right manner. As a mother who has to feed her 18-month-old every day, I know full well that it is impossible to expect cooperation from him at every meal. Truth be told, I'd be glad if he cooperates half the time I feed him.

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