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    Life, AKIN, Published on 28/02/2018

    » Cubetto from Primo Toys is a screenless programming system powered by an advanced coding language that lets children write their first computer programs. Using a friendly robot made of wood, a physical programming console and a set of expandable coding blocks, Cubetto helps children understand basic principles of coding in a very age-appropriate way.

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    Making a game of walking

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 06/07/2016

    » Step aside the past hits like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Despicable Me: Minion Rush! Now gamers have Steppy Pants, new walking-simulator game as their latest favourite, if not addiction, which has become a blast only a month after its launch. It is now ranked the second most popular free application on the App Store as of this week.

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    Connectivity, finding lost devices

    Life, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 09/09/2015

    » In a few hours time, Apple will announce several new products at its event at the Bill Graham Center in San Francisco. Although many commentators have already given us their authoritative ideas on what will be announced, only Apple knows.

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    Tip top style, OK horse power

    Life, Komsan John Jandamit, Published on 08/08/2018

    » For people who want to get 80% of what Huawei's best phone of 2018 can do at 40% of the price, look no further.

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    Samsung's comeback; buyer beware

    Life, James Hein, Published on 30/08/2017

    » I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for some time now and so far, no complaints. If you want to use features like the Edge screen, fingerprint or retina security etc, you will need to do some setting up. The camera is excellent, as is the screen. Response is smooth and the battery life does me all day and then some depending on what I am doing. Connectivity is great and the interface is easy to use. My biggest complaint is finding the right match for a screen protector and a case due to the curved screen. Another is the difficulty in finding a way to give root access but that won't be an issue for most users. The new form factor means it fits into the hand nicely even for the larger model. So, far I have no hesitation in recommending this phone.

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    Playing the game, and winning

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 29/03/2017

    » Gaming can sometimes be viewed as bad and unhealthy, but according to professional gamer Pontus Mahler, it can make you smart and offer you a very good living.

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    Apple struggles to make a connection

    Life, James Hein, Published on 22/03/2017

    » There is a rumour that Apple could be replacing its Lightning Port on the 10th-anniversary iPhone with the popular USB-C alternative. I don't believe it. USB-C is too popular, and Apple has a habit of going its own way with connectors and other items. Apple has long been anti-standards when it comes to their devices, and, while it would be a good thing, they have invested too much in their proprietary Lightning connectors to let them go. So even if they did adopt USB-C it would be an Apple-only version, requiring Apple-specific cables and chargers. Sure, Apple could come up with a Lightning-to-USB cable of some kind, but that would be too easy.

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    High-jumping robot could aid in earthquakes, building collapses

    AFP, Published on 07/12/2016

    » MIAMI - An agile jumping robot that was inspired by some of the animal world's best leapers could one day help in rescue efforts after earthquakes or building collapses, US scientists said Tuesday.

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    Wacom Cintiq Pro 13, Pro 16

    Life, AKIN, Published on 23/11/2016

    » The Wacom Cintiq Pro enriches the creative workflow with its new modern, sleek and thin design, making it easy to slip into a laptop bag or backpack and move between working locations and computers. Both high resolution Cintiq Pro models come with an optimised edge-to-edge etched glass workspace for a creative platform that encourages bold pen and brush strokes. The improved Pro Pen 2 creates an intuitive, free-flowing experience with virtually lag-free tracking on a glass surface that produces just the right amount of friction and is coated to reduce reflection.

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    Russian hackers target cash before politics

    AFP, Published on 08/11/2016

    » MOSCOW - Just as the scandal over alleged Russian hacking of the US Democratic Party erupted in June, police in Russia were rounding up a group known as Lurk.

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