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    In an iris garden

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 17/09/2012

    » Japan has always been one of my favourite countries. I still remember fondly my first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun as a visiting student in the Friendship Programme for the 21st Century when I was studying in my third year at the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lat Krabang. It was in mid-summer of 1986. During the trip we paid a visit to Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto. The images of refreshingly green leaves of momiji or the Japanese maple when catching the afternoon sunlight were totally mesmerising.


    A dance of flowers

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 29/08/2012

    » The tour of my flower museum, The Museum of Floral Culture, takes about 45 minutes and it is divided into two parts. The first part of the tour is of the beautifully-preserved golden teak mansion where visitors will be guided through all the exhibitions.


    Arrangement fit for a goddess

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 04/07/2012

    » Celebrated in the month of October or November in almost all regions of India, Diwali is perhaps the most important of all Hindu festivals. It marks the beginning of the new year in the Hindu calendar and during the festive time of Diwali, the women in many Indian households create rangoli (sacred welcoming areas for Hindu deities) on their living-room floors or outside in the courtyard.


    Wreath of glory

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 25/04/2012

    » As I am preparing for a permanent exhibition that I am currently creating work for, called The World of Floral Culture at the Museum of Floral Culture, I have been researching several ancient civilisations where floral decoration seems to be as old as the civilisation itself. The remains of great civilisations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome provide us with ample proof that people have always been appreciative of the beauty of flowers.


    Kathmandu revisited

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 09/05/2012

    » I still fondly remember my first visit to Nepal. I was so happy and so inspired that I made another 15 trips after that. I like everything Nepalese _ the people, the handicrafts, the rugs, the Tibetan paintings, the chanting of the monks, the art and the architecture. I enjoy any traditional Asian bronze items, but the Nepalese pieces that always have a special place in my heart are the bronze oil lamps shaped as Shiva temples that one would see displayed in museums, hung in temples, or sold in bronze and antique shops everywhere in Kathmandu Valley.


    Floral Fountain

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 11/04/2012

    » April is the hottest month in Thailand. During the day temperatures can rise well above 40 degrees Celsius. Just as the heat is almost unbearable, along comes Songkran Festival _ also known to foreigners as the Water Festival of Thailand. Songkran was celebrated as the traditional Thai New Year until 1940 when it was moved to Jan 1 in line with celebrations around the world.


    Floral drops

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 11/01/2012

    » After my first visit to Isan, the northeastern region of Thailand, 30 years ago, spending time in Phu Kradueng National Park, I recently had the opportunity to revisit the region during the New Year holidays. From Bangkok, we travelled to Nakhon Ratchasima, Chaiyaphum, Nong Khai and Loei provinces. We wanted to avoid the crowded city areas, so we spent most of the time staying at the various national parks. In Chaiyaphum, we stayed at Tat Ton National Park. And in Nong Khai, we stayed at a small resort called Chomkong, that has an unobstructed panoramic view of the great Mekong River, which was very picturesque and quiet.

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