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    Small blessings

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 10/01/2012

    » Only a five-minute ride by speed boat from Phuket, Koh Naka is an utterly different world. It is quiet and does not have any nocturnal entertainment because the island is home to a Muslim community.


    A new golden age of travel

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 06/02/2012

    » International travel is the main factor stimulating economies and breaking down cultural barriers, according to a study by Penn Schoen Berland on behalf of Marriott International.


    Big jump in South Korean arrivals forecast

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 20/02/2012

    » The number of Koreans visiting Thailand will increase by 20% this year, to reach a total of 1.22 million people.


    Wondrous wetland

    Life, Published on 05/04/2012

    » For the early European travellers to South America, a huge sea far inland which appears on the map of Hondius, the famous map publisher at the time, must have been puzzling. The water world was so immense it was named by early Spanish settlers as the Xaraes Sea, after the Xaraes tribe which lived there.


    In the eye of the storm

    Life, Peerawat Jariyasombat, Published on 18/10/2012

    » Grey clouds blanket the sky, turning the blue sea into grey. The coast is empty when all fishing boats seek refuge in the canal and small bay. Tourists are on alert for news about the latest storm. All signs of an average day in Chumphon.


    While my Qatar gently builds

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 18/10/2012

    » Qatar fits the popular preconceptions of the Middle East's great desert and even greater wealth. The capital Doha is a dusty desert haven with new mega real estate projects popping up like teenage zits.


    Top-To-Toe Pampering

    Life, Nikki Busuttil, Published on 11/12/2012

    » At the Millenium Hilton Bangkok, everything is ultra-contemporary, as too is their spa concept, which intends to lead you to 'emerge brighter'. eforea spa has come up with a series of their own spa escapades, offering 'the essentials journey', 'the escape journey' and 'the men's journey'. The former comprises technologically advanced treatments, while the escape journey is a set of holistic experiences with nourishing organic plant extracts and traditional healing practices. The men's journey, as the name suggests, is a combination of re-energising treatments specifically designed for gentlemen, although they too can enjoy many other treatment menu items. The aim of these journeys is to provide a sense of balance and well-being for the body, encompassing a blend of the best of organic, natural and science. eforea spa promises to take guests "on a transformative journey of the senses, helping you to emerge brighter".


    Sun, sand, sea and cycling

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 31/01/2013

    » There are various reasons why Rayong province's Koh Samet is one of the all-time favourite islands among Thai holidaymakers. Of course, I have a few of my own too, for example, the fine sand there is unmatched and, unlike other popular islands, virtually all the beaches are accessible to the public; the sea is among the clearest in the Gulf of Thailand; it's not very far from Bangkok, and accommodation is affordable.


    Downhill all the way

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 21/03/2013

    » Trust me, there is no other group of trail builders in the Kingdom as active as those in Hua Hin. Led by Khun Ae (Thagoon Laokosakul) of Velo Hua Hin bike shop, they have managed to add four new downhill tracks on Khao Hin Lek Fai over the past few months.


    Phuket reprised

    Life, Peerawat Jariyasombat, Published on 11/04/2013

    » Phuket is changing rapidly and some of its better known attractions have got far too popular for their own good. There are, however, still some quiet, relatively unspoiled spots on the island where one can have a relaxing time away from the maddening crow

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