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    Petite and sweet

    Database, Wanda Sloan, Published on 21/04/2010

    » It is extremely humbling to be a Database columnist temporarily (or, I suppose, permanently) sidelined. The email enquiries have been somewhat overwhelming.

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    Taking charge of the PC

    Database, Wanda Sloan, Published on 28/04/2010

    » These blasted machines are out to get us. But so are some of the programmers, and I don’t mean the hackers, either. Some of the most insidious attacks on our computers come from companies which claim to be responsible, don’t do any evil, etc.

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    Wade through the glut of information

    Database, James Hein, Published on 07/07/2010

    » When I first heard about the Internet, I was very excited. The thought of being able to access a world of information online without the need to visit a library was an amazing thought. Over the years this view has changed a little bit because there is now such a huge amount of rubbish out there in terms of no factual information.

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    Perhaps we can just skip 3G altogether?

    Database, Don Sambandaraksa, Published on 18/08/2010

    » Should we skip 3G and go straight for 4G? Or do we need to walk before we run and evolve? A couple of years ago, I was all for leapfrogging to 4G. Then, the telcos convinced me that 3G had economies of scale that could not be ignored. But more recently, the technical limitations of 3G are becoming more and more painful as smart phones get smarter and notebooks get more bandwidth-hungry.

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    Yahoo switches off search

    Database, Published on 01/09/2010

    » Yahoo, which began life as a searchable list of the best Internet web sites, ended all Internet searching for users in the US and Canada - and soon, for the world; Shashi Seth, senior Yahoo president for vice, said he was thrilled and excited to announce that effective Aug 24, all Internet searches at - text, image, video, whatever - were automagically switched to Bing, the Microsoft search engine, "with more markets to come" presumably including Thailand; the end of Yahoo searches marked "great work and partnership" between Yahoo and Microsoft, apparently, and it was a "milestone" in Yahoo history; comment Number 1 at the blog where Mr Seth made the announcement asked for a moment of silence for the end of Yahoo as a search company, because "They have ceased to exist in the universe they created".

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    Social sites create new forms of Internet piracy

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 29/09/2010

    » Social networking and the surge in the number of broadband users are driving a new form of Internet piracy, while new tablet devices and cloud computing may cause a paradigm shift in the software privacy in the future.

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    iPhones particularly vulnerable to malicious applications

    Database, Published on 06/10/2010

    » Mobile malware remains for the most part an unknown phenomenon to the general public. Many people are unaware that it exists, and those who are aware mostly consider it a minor issue. However, mobile malware is becoming a real phenomenon, which requires caution.

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    Not just the A-List any more

    Muse, Published on 20/11/2010

    » Do you still remember the old days when we had to wait overnight for leading fashion publications like Women's Wear Daily (WWD) or the International Herald Tribune (IHT) to catch up with the latest reviews and images from fashion shows at major runways? It was just five or six years ago when we were looking forward to fashion feeds through celebrity reports or pressed the keyboard refresh button non-stop in anticipation of the official full-collection photos ... just to have an idea of the hottest trends to come in the coming six months and, well, to stock up on chat topics to use with our fashion chums the next day.

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    Virtual fishing to get reel in Japan

    AFP, Published on 25/01/2011

    » Good news for busy, urban anglers: Japanese toymaker Tomy will release an augmented reality fishing rod allowing users to feel a bite and reel in a heavy fish regardless of their location.

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    Pandora hopes IPO a path to profit

    AFP, Published on 13/02/2011

    » Leading US Internet radio service Pandora on Friday filed plans with US regulators for an initial public offering of stock to raise as much as $100 million.

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