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    Maintaining Office Security

    Christopher Bruton, Published on 07/11/2016

    » Continuing our series on various aspects of preventive security for staff and visitors, we are pleased to present the following interview with Matthias Hoffrichter, Business Development Director, PCS Security and Facility (Thailand) Ltd. This explains some of the issues involved in maintaining security of office and factory premises to assure the safety of both staffers and visitors. Security can come alongside some inconvenience, but this is surely better than suffering potential damage and injury from terrorism or violence.


    Forewarned is forearmed: staff safety training

    Christopher Bruton, Published on 31/10/2016

    » In our series on security, safety and risk mitigation, we have highlighted various risk situations along with preventive measures. But despite every precaution, risks can always arise. We need, therefore, to be prepared to protect ourselves, our colleagues and our families. To obtain guidance on how we can train ourselves and others to confront risk situations when they arise, we invited Stefan Spiess, a martial arts expert and operator of Advance Conflict Training (ACT) to explain how he trains security professionals, business groups, families and children in security awareness and response. Stefan can be reached at Web site: Stefan offers the following advice:


    Creating a safe office environment

    Christopher Bruton, Published on 17/10/2016

    » There is no such thing as a completely safe office environment. Unless an organisation has the need, and the resource allocation necessary, to make its offices into a secure fortress, as does the US Embassy in Bangkok, then one always runs the risk of penetration by unfriendly forces. But let’s assume that you are not at risk from rocket attacks from a distance, or a bomb dropped off from an unmanned drone. Under normal circumstances, an organisation can at least take reasonable steps to assure security for staffers and welcome visitors, as well as protecting staffers from visitors who turn out to be unwelcome guests. We asked Chuck Krueger of Ackerman Group for his suggestions, and the following are some of the salient points from his experienced advice.


    Assuring airport and airline safety for staffers

    Christopher Bruton, Published on 03/10/2016

    » In last week's article, we considered the important topic of residential safety for corporate staff. This week a second, equally vital topic of assuring, as far as practically possible, the safety of staff when travelling overseas on business or vacations is discussed.

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