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    Jatuporn in - at Yingluck's expense?

    Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 20/03/2014

    » Nearly two years ago, sitting from across the table, I listened to Jatuporn Prompan complained about being sidelined from the cabinet by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.


    When the law is but a whore

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 29/12/2013

    » As the protest in the streets reaches a new violent level, let's not forget one important factor that got Thailand into this mess in the first place. This is the disrespect for the rule of law and the exploitation of it.


    The politics of 'Som-tam-pla-ra'

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 20/10/2013

    » Morality, legality and democracy, these are the things tribal minions get stuck on, actually believing that they are what the political struggle over the past eight years has been all about.


    Time for factions to show true colours

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 03/11/2013

    » The concert halls, entertainment shows, rallies and other various activities; the instruments, cameras, screens and sound systems _ all this and much more. Who paid for it all?

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    'If I'm guilty, execute me': Abhisit on the red shirt crackdown

    Spectrum, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 19/05/2013

    » Three years to the day that the events of April and May, 2010 culminated in the red shirt crackdown and the surrender of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship's leaders, Thai society remains deeply divided. Some 92 people were killed in the crackdown, from protesters to innocent bystanders, journalists to security personnel.


    Setting the stage for The Boss

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 05/05/2013

    » From the Skype meetings to the speech in Mongolia, from the military cleared of all charges and the rally against the Constitution Court _ join the dots and we can see pressure being brought to bear.


    Jatuporn makes a point

    Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 15/11/2012

    » In a world where leaders take responsibility and make sacrifices for the people and the nation, the leadership on both sides of our political divide would be standing in front of the judges. Whether any are guilty of anything, is up to the judicial system to decide.


    Proverbs, murderers but no buffaloes

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 02/09/2012

    » The Thai language has many proverbs that echo the wisdom of old and demonstrate the foolishness of modern times. Worry not about rules of law, justice, morals, etc. Today, we look at the political game through the prism of human nature, captured best by proverbs. Abhisit Vejjajiva was the prime minister and Suthep Thaugsuban was deputy prime minister and in charge of security during the political crisis of April/May 2010 that led to 92 deaths _ both civilians and members of security forces _ and the burning of Bangkok and provincial city halls.


    Great game hits town

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 19/02/2012

    » When three men _ who happened to be Iranians who like Thai women (doesn't everyone?) and who aren't very good around bombs _ set off three explosions in Bangkok, it was not just an isolated incident.


    Values face off

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 26/02/2012

    » If you experience sexual urges, what should you do? A) Play soccer with your friends. B) Seek advice from your family. C) Try to sleep. D) Go out with a friend of the opposite sex. E) Invite a buddy for a movie.

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