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    The three gutsy peers

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 16/09/2018

    » The six-month Bangkok Shutdown campaign may have given off an aura of fun and games with a positive outcome for the green shirts and a negative one for the reds.


    The big issue: Sparing country [redacted]

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 14/12/2014

    » In 2002, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorism and US military pushback, the CIA opened a secret facility in central Thailand. The agency brought two high-level al-Qaeda operatives, Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, to the site and launched a new programme of "enhanced interrogation" techniques on them including physical assault and waterboarding, distressing many US officials.


    Searching for sanity

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 28/05/2017

    » It now is pretty much confirmed by all available sources that the world is nuts. Last week was just more proof piling up.

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    The war bringer

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 12/03/2017

    » The southern rebellion against the government begins its 58th year tomorrow. It will be the first time the anniversary is marked without any of the original 1960 instigators but in particular it will go on without its primary leader, better called the godfather of the southern conflict.


    Devout groupies and a  band of terrorists

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 23/09/2018

    » After a very organised group of terrorists hijacked the Kuwait Airways jumbo jet Flight 422 from Bangkok to Kuwait City for 16 days and killed two of their hostages in April of 1988, there was an investigation.


    Tortured verdict

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 27/08/2017

    » A truly pathetic moment in morality and warfare and diplomatic relations has ended without a whimper, let alone the attention it deserved.

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    How Bangkok came close to the big one

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 18/06/2017

    » In late 2011 the chatter about terrorist attacks in Thailand reached their highest volume ever, or since. The bare bones of the plot are well known but recent arrests in America have exposed many more details.

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    Double tap confounded

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 14/05/2017

    » The images haunt. A mother, with a wounded face, clutches her daughter and hunkers down beside the detergent shelves. A blackened battery and two wheels, all that is left of the stolen pickup crammed with cooking gas cans. Social media simply taking over the corporate Facebook pages of Big C to post thousands of photos, videos and messages.


    Islamic State, keep out

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 27/11/2016

    » The most intriguing story of the week was the suggestion that Thai Muslims had been caught out in supporting the Islamic State (IS). It was intriguing because while the neighbours have often been involved directly in international terrorism, and still are, no Thai ever has been linked to the post-9/11 groups championed by Osama bin Laden, his progeny or their many copycats.


    A question of interpretation

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 20/11/2016

    » After 15 months of extremely iffy police work and very interesting prosecution strategy, the two button men of the Erawan Shrine atrocity got their destined opportunity to turn their trial into political theatre.

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