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    Bridging the gap

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 24/10/2018

    » Ancient temples and modern art. They seem like two ends of a cultural spectrum that wouldn't seem to bridge well with one another.


    Seeking the past

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 01/06/2018

    » Narrow alleyways, ancient houses, mansions of bygone aristocrats, temples and mosques, shrines and churches in the old town: The vintage craze has brought about a proliferation of speciality tourism, and it's enjoying huge popularity while promoting history lessons.


    The where of history

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 27/10/2017

    » It is without doubt one of the most melancholic time periods in the history of Thailand. The royal cremation yesterday was a historic event of sorrow and grandeur, and as the mourning period will soon come to an end, Thais young and old will continue to hold onto the fond memories of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


    It takes a Village

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 29/09/2017

    » Usually sparsely visited, Gaysorn Shopping Centre has been seeing more traffic lately than ever, after launching its much-anticipated Gaysorn Village project. What the developers call a "mixed-use lifestyle urban village", Gaysorn Village spans 180,000m² across the Ratchaprasong district and aims to provide "urban regeneration" to Bangkok's chaotic and sometimes bleak lifestyle.


    In her art, religion and ruins

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 19/01/2017

    » Last Friday inside the Singapore Art Museum, Pannaphan Yodmanee tiptoed around her giant art installation, an arrangement of ruins and pagodas scattered on the floor, as she tried to find the best spot for a portrait. Once able to set her feet down properly, the commotion started.


    Unfreezing Thainess

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 07/07/2017

    » There's something strange and magical about Nakrob Moonmanas' artworks. Known for his whimsical collages which dice and splice traditional Thai imagery with that of the West's, it's almost impossible not to go in and have a closer look.


    Buffaloes, painted and postmodern

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 06/07/2016

    » To those who still view the humble and hardworking water buffalo, kwai, as a symbol for stupidity and ignorance, Maitree Siriboon's artworks just might change their minds.


    Masters of puppets

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 22/08/2018

    » To the younger generation of Southeast Asia, shadow puppetry may seem like a bygone form of entertainment. Held outdoors at night in temple compounds, rice fields or the royal court, the performance traditionally unfolds behind a stretch of white cloth illuminated by oil lamps. Puppet masters manipulate the intricate and painstakingly handcrafted puppets to local music, narrating and acting stories from the Ramayana or the Mahabharata epics peppered with improvisation in between. A shadow theatre performance, in some cases, can last up to seven hours long.


    A thousand words of shape and form and social observation

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 04/07/2018

    » PhotoBangkok, Thailand's largest, home-grown international photography festival, will be launching its second iteration today at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC).


    Art is for everyone

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 02/05/2018

    » 'Some people asked me why I didn't paint Lord Rama [Phra Ram from the Ramakien epic] green," said 88-year-old Aree Soothipunt in his husky voice, pointing to his abstract painting from the late 70s of a blue-skinned Rama.

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