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    A sign of things to come

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 23/01/2012

    » Chinatown's bustling streets and deafening traffic noise do not seem to bother an old calligraphy artist who concentrates on his work. Dipping a brush into a pot of gold paint, he whips the device to write Chinese letters on the well-cut red paper strips for his customers who watch his brushstrokes with great curiosity.

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    Demolition plan meets defiance

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 01/02/2012

    » When there's a land development plan, the first things to go are usually old buildings in the vicinity. The older they are, the faster they go, as aged structures often require higher maintenance costs. That seems to be the case at Wat Suan Phlu in Bang Rak district, which is seeking to demolish and replace old buildings belonging to the temple.

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    Empowering Workers

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 01/05/2012

    » After years of getting paid to sew fabric by the piece, home-based worker Sujin Rungsawang never knew what she and her fellow workers were branded as. That is, until one day she was told by an activist that she was an "informal worker", who needed to have access to the social security programme.

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    Temple demolition raises dilemma

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 07/05/2012

    » When Phra Ratwachiramolee, the abbot of Wat Suan Phlu, wanted to renovate his temple last year, he felt he didn't have much choice but to demolish old wooden buildings to pave way for a new multi-purpose concrete building. But his plan was opposed by groups of conservationists.

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    Rooting for nature

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 16/08/2012

    » Nammon Welployngam is a young leader and activist of the Wat Kae Nang Loeng community in Bangkok. But upset by the temple's landscape improvement plan that may rid the monastic compound of a towering tamarind tree that is a symbol of her community, she didn't resort to protest in the typical sense of the word. Instead, she gave the tree a goodbye hug and moved on to Facebook.

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    There goes the neighbourhood

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 21/08/2012

    » 'Take as many photos of this area as you want. What you can see today will soon be all gone," said Sunee Narongrit, a resident of Amphawa, as she gazed at a row of decades-old wooden houses facing onto the canal.

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    Italy's southeast a source of inspiration

    Muse, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 06/10/2012

    » Provencal style has been recognised in the home decor world alongside Greek and Tuscan. Now Salento is announcing its unique style from the southeast of Apulia region of Italy.


    Ruination of Amphawa old town must be put right

    News, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 30/11/2012

    » The Chuchai Buri Sri Amphawa may not be the first property development project to emerge from the skyline in Amphawa, but it was the final straw which has made conservationists stand up against what they call over-development of cultural tourism in this canal-side community in Samut Songkhram province.

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    Out with the old

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 26/12/2012

    » This year was a tough one for conservationists who have been vehemently fighting to preserve national heritage under threat in the name of "development".


    In search of a king

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 25/03/2013

    » It was late afternoon on a hot day in Myanmar. A group of Thai archaeologist at an excavation site in Linzingong cemetery in Mandalay were about to wrap up their work when one of them emerged with a lotus-shaped artefact.

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