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    #MakingMerit #FakingMerit

    Guru, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 06/11/2015

    » As 2016 approaches, the mandatory stories on my Facebook feed concern next year’s lucky and unlucky zodiac signs, and what to wear to enhance your fortune. Isn’t that convenient? Wear a particular colour and you’ll be problem-free all year!


    New clothes for Indian cabs

    Guru, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 09/10/2015

    » Bangkok has long prided itself on the vibrancy of its taxis -- they make the roads look like someone has spilled a giant bag of M&M's. But are we the only city with colourful cabs? Apparently not.


    Hail a cab from the couch

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 22/03/2014

    » Like many Thai girls, Juthasree Kuvinichkul was taught by her parents not to ride in taxis alone because of safety issues. Even men sometimes prefer not to take taxis because of negative stories we often hear about the drivers — rudeness, reckless driving, robbery and road rage, to name a few.


    Don’t hate the player — hate the game

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 20/02/2014

    » It is funny how either Thaksin or Suthep is blamed for virtually everything today. Recently, when the lights went out momentarily in my community, one of my neighbours cursed: “Thaksin is behind this. What an evil man, making people suffer like this!” When stuck in the usual traffic in front of a mall a few weeks back, the taxi driver complained: “Damn those protestors. Suthep is making us all suffer! He’s behind everything!”

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