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    Mixed Signals

    Guru, Kangsadarn Suksomstarn, Published on 23/03/2012

    ยป Welcome to Thailand - "The Land of Smiles", "Amazing Thailand", "Unseen Thailand" and "Miracle Thailand". So you arrive in Thailand and take a taxi advertising that Thais "love farang", welcoming you to the "City of Life" where you enter a bar that claims to have "cheap cheap" beers. However something seems to be amiss. Someone, somewhere along the line wasn't telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It wasn't the nice flight attendant, the happy taxi driver from the airport who kindly took B6,000 off you. or the pleasant girl serving your drinks at a pub in Sukhumvit. So who or what was it? It was those devious little signs, of course. They are ubiquitous in Bangkok and indeed throughout the Kingdom, giving us information that can be about as helpful as the lovely ministries that keep Thailand in order. So just imagine if these signs told the truth. Well, no need to; we've done all the imagining for you.

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