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    Cheating the cheaters

    Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 30/05/2013

    » Foreign workers are useful. They fill the jobs we don’t have the proper skills to do, or the jobs that we simply don’t want to do.


    Get therapy for the emotionally stunted

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 23/02/2014

    » If the elitists believe poor farmers are stupid, then caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra must think the entire country, in fact the world, is stupid.


    Christmas cheer holds in Bangkok

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 23/12/2012

    » It's the holiday season, so take off your colour-coded hats for a spell and simply appreciate the city and the festivities without the politics.

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    Taxi drivers stuck in reverse

    Spectrum, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 15/01/2012

    » Earlier this month, the government reached a compromise to increase the price of compressed natural gas (CNG) by just 50 satang per kilogramme starting tomorrow. In a concession to angry transport operators, Deputy Prime Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong dropped the original plan to increase the price of CNG _ more commonly known known as NGV (natural gas for vehicles) _ at the rate of 50 satang a month for 12 months until it reached 14.50 baht a kilogramme. Mr Kittiratt has promised further consultation with the transport sector in the next few weeks before deciding whether there will be further CNG price hikes.

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