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    Ethnic parties give wake-up call to NLD

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 06/11/2018

    » Analysts are poring over the results of Myanmar's by-elections which took place on Saturday, vainly trying to read the tea leaves, and perhaps reading too much into them. But it was certainly a wake-up call for both major parties -- the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) and the previous governing party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) -- but the lessons that can be drawn for the future are limited.


    Suu Kyi should heed Pope's suggestion on UN role

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 04/12/2017

    » Pope Francis' visit to Myanmar last week was an overwhelming success and may provide the much needed spark to ignite the government's peace process and its efforts to bring reconciliation to the country's violence-torn western region of Rakhine. The Pope's message was loud and clear: the only way forward for Myanmar was "love and peace", the title used for his visit.


    Yangon gets moving

    Asia focus, Larry Jagan, Published on 06/02/2017

    » The residents of Myanmar's main commercial city are slowly adjusting to the new transport system, introduced nearly a month ago by the region's chief minister.


    Painful correction

    Asia focus, Larry Jagan, Published on 08/10/2018

    » Myanmar's currency crisis seems to have eased in recent days as a result of government actions, and to the relief of some market observers who feared an Argentina-style meltdown was in the making.


    Myanmar's new era

    Asia focus, Larry Jagan, Published on 23/11/2015

    » Myanmar's election has been convincingly won by the opposition party, but hopes of a smooth and peaceful transition remain uncertain. Amid the public euphoria, business leaders in the country are cautiously optimistic about the future, though most have reservations about the new government's policies and its capacity to deliver.

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    Suu Kyi supporters revel warily with an unfamiliar hope

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 08/11/2015

    » YANGON: When Aung San Suu Kyi took to the stage during the campaign, there was as much a sense of anticipation as there was of unfinished business. A feeling that this time she would claim the election win denied her 25 years ago.


    Stalled reforms herald a bleak future

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 10/12/2014

    » With elections planned for this time next year, Myanmar's future is at a critical crossroads. At the same time, there is increased confusion over attempts to change the constitution and introduce proportional representation rather than the first past the post system as in previous elections.The speaker of the lower house Shwe Mann has announced there will be a referendum in May next year on some proposed amendments to the constitution, but that the charter will remain relatively unchanged before next year's election.Meanwhile, the National League for Democracy (NLD) is continuing its campaign to change the constitution, although it concedes this is unlikely before the next election. 

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