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    Don't lose your cool

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 10/04/2016

    » When it's this hot and humid, Netflix and chill really does mean watching House of Cards with a cold drink in your hand and an ice pack on your neck. It's too sticky for anything else.


    Hating Thailand ... and loving it

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 07/12/2014

    » We've all been there. You come to Thailand, get your bag/passport/shirt stolen and you are left wandering the streets shouting at policemen, throwing rocks at cars and sulking at a cute girl who hands you an orange juice and a phone charger. It's essentially a rite of passage all young men have to endure on their first weekend in the country. Right?


    The canvas is his world

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 23/03/2014

    » His mouth is a river of phrases and run-on sentences flowing over tongue and teeth. His eyes, below straggly brown curls, bristle with energy and ideas. For Henri Lamy, art is all about the face. So when his palette knife plops white into blue and smears the new shade across the canvas, he leaves an impression of a nose to explain a point.

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