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    Transmitting human angst

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 01/03/2018

    » Second time's a charm for Fullfat Theatre at Warehouse 30. The company returns to the space that had dwarfed and overwhelmed the troupe's first play [Co/exist] with its sheer size and uninsulated high ceiling. With the new play, Taxiradio, playwright-director and Fullfat co-founder Nophand Boonyai has successfully tamed the rugged space to achieve not only live performance suitability, but also intimacy.


    Boldly powerful

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 25/07/2013

    » I don't think I have ever seen an original play in Thailand that is as moving and satisfying as Chuichai Saneha. In Thailand's dialogue-driven department, such meaty writing is rare. So is such a complete aesthetic experience.

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