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    Cooped up with chickens

    Spectrum, Angus Mitchell, Published on 10/11/2013

    » As the cost of living continues to rise, and eco-consciousness is beginning to bloom in the developed world, urban farming, whereby residents of cities are using free space on their property to build gardens and raise farm animals, is emerging as a trendy alternative to supermarkets. In North America it isn't just ageing hippies and new hipsters that are mucking out their backyard chicken coop _ the investment banker, civil servant or taxi driver may be getting their hands dirty as well. Urban farming can also be seen in Bangkok, where people may use their limited land to raise a few chickens, a goat or even a pig. However, before you go out and build a pen to raise fresh bacon and eggs, it is important to know what national and municipal regulations exist governing this type of urban farming.

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    Your car is not a barstool

    Spectrum, Angus Mitchell, Published on 06/10/2013

    » Last week we outlined the possible scenarios a person might face under the Road Traffic Act BE 2522 (1979) if they are found to be over the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit while operating a motor vehicle.

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    Insurance and icewine don't mix

    Spectrum, Angus Mitchell, Published on 13/10/2013

    » Over the previous weeks, we have addressed a number of laws regarding the consumption of alcohol and the use of your motor vehicle. We have also covered many of the penalties that can be imposed upon a drink-driver.

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