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    Consumers Unite!

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 06/01/2012

    » What do you do when sen lek arrives at your table instead of the sen yai that you ordered? What will you do in protest when dtac's service inevitably goes down again? How about taxi drivers who won't take you to your destination unless you accompany them on a joyride to a gem store first?


    Vodka brand gets in on the mix with All-Star DJ show

    Brunch, Published on 05/02/2012

    » Picking up where it left off last year, the ongoing party series Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project returns on Friday with the best of Irish nightlife. The project draws inspiration from Ireland's largest music festival, Oxegen, featuring a similarly stellar line-up of international DJs, including Sound of Stereo (Belgium), Autoerotique (Canada) and Tai Jason (Germany) smack in the heart of Bangkok.


    Off the beaten track

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 17/02/2012

    » There are certain must-see attractions for first-time visitors to Thailand: Patpong, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Khao San Road, an elephant show, ladyboy cabaret, Hua Hin, a Full Moon party, some more beaches... But with all this distraction, visitors might miss out on the atypical attractions your average tour guide doesn't know about. To do our part in promoting the miracle that is Thai tourism, we have selected five lesser-known villages where visitors can discover Thais living in unique ways.


    The Descendants

    Guru, Published on 17/02/2012

    » (Premiered Feb 16)


    Do as I say...

    Guru, Published on 24/02/2012

    » Being in a public position is a tough job. People expect you to say smart stuff and wield your knowledge responsibly. Even here at Guru we often get accused of defiling "jour-na-lism" (whatever that is) because we often write things based on the voices in our head. Luckily for us, the most we can ever do is ruin your bathroom experience (because we know that's where you're reading this).


    Moving with the Masses

    Guru, Published on 09/03/2012

    » It's easy to move around Thailand thanks to the multitude of public transport options available. However travel can present an obstacle course of oddities from high decibel karaoke buses to tricky taxi drivers intent on showing unsuspecting guests a jolly good time. Each form of public transport has its own array of charming problems and quirks and it's all out there in our great Kingdom. However as a great philosopher once said, "Keep your friends close and your public transport enemies even closer so you may be able to smell their B.O". In other words, it pays to know who you will meet on your travels in the city and beyond.


    Say What ?

    Guru, Kangsadarn Suksomstarn, Published on 16/03/2012

    » With PM Yingluck recently giving a speech in Japan entitled "Unbeatable Thailand, Unparalleled Opportunities" you can't help but sigh at yet another over-the-top use of an adjective to describe "Amazing Thailand". It's about time we stopped using cliched hyperbole to describe the Land of Smiles (whoops). Unfortunately they are not the only ones spurting verbal diarrhoea. It seems our lives are inundated with words and phrases that we need to know how to deal with. But, don't fret, as once again we're on hand to help out.


    Mixed Signals

    Guru, Kangsadarn Suksomstarn, Published on 23/03/2012

    » Welcome to Thailand - "The Land of Smiles", "Amazing Thailand", "Unseen Thailand" and "Miracle Thailand". So you arrive in Thailand and take a taxi advertising that Thais "love farang", welcoming you to the "City of Life" where you enter a bar that claims to have "cheap cheap" beers. However something seems to be amiss. Someone, somewhere along the line wasn't telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It wasn't the nice flight attendant, the happy taxi driver from the airport who kindly took B6,000 off you. or the pleasant girl serving your drinks at a pub in Sukhumvit. So who or what was it? It was those devious little signs, of course. They are ubiquitous in Bangkok and indeed throughout the Kingdom, giving us information that can be about as helpful as the lovely ministries that keep Thailand in order. So just imagine if these signs told the truth. Well, no need to; we've done all the imagining for you.


    A bitter pill to swallow

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 01/04/2012

    » Cold pills are about to be banned? What a sad day in my life. What a sad day for Thailand.


    Lost in the land of the autocue

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 29/04/2012

    » The ad on page two of the Bangkok Post jumped right out at me on a Friday morning.

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