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    Thai architects vie for international honours

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 25/07/2016

    » Thai architecture can feel anonymous and banal -- but then maybe we don't look close enough. The design scene has its share of clever, outstanding or unusual architecture and emphasis on material, location and the environment.

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    Sounds about write

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 15/02/2016

    » Chiang Mai-based writer Jirat Prasertsup used to work within the editorial staff at a free magazine, he is also a columnist and translator. Like many others who get tired of telling other people's stories, Jirat started writing and has had five books published. One of his books got him well-deserved attention. Pipittapan Sieng (Museum Of Sound) was a highlight of his career after it was shortlisted for the prestigious SEA Write Award (though it didn't win).

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    Bookworms' paradise

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 17/11/2016

    » Though this year's major book fairs and festivals have already passed, other small book-related events to enliven reading culture can still be enjoyed. There are two reading events that may be of interest for bookworms in days to come.

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    Voice of the future

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 06/06/2016

    » In 2005, a podcast was launched by Apple, which announced it grandly as the future of radio. As usual, it takes longer for any future trend to take shape in Thailand, and now it seems podcasts are enjoying a surge here.

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    Songs about seniors

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 13/04/2016

    » To celebrate National Senior Citizens Day, which falls today, The Charapaabs (meaning "The Aged") have released Truad Sukkapap Prajum Pee (Annual Check Up). The lyrics are about old people, yes, and the man who appears in the music video is also pretty old, but it is the modern sensibility that is injected into the music and the video that makes it outstanding.

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    Buppa's back for another instalment of fun

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 29/04/2016

    » Buppa Arigato is the new film by Yuthlert Sippapak after a couple of years in hiatus. This is the latest in the Buppa series, a well-known horror film that began with Buppa Ratree in 2003. Mixing ghost stories with comedy and even feminism, the film focuses on the story of Buppa, a woman who commits suicide in her apartment after she's betrayed by her lover. She then becomes a vengeful spirit that haunts people in the apartment.

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    Causing ripples in society

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 11/06/2015

    » TEDxBangkok, an independently organised, non-profit event in connection with Ted Talk is taking place on Saturday at Aksra Theatre King Power.

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    Retro grade

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 09/12/2015

    » Charoen Krung Road, Thailand's first road completed in 1864, was once a hub of prosperity, rich with money, culture and diversity. Now in 2015, the road that runs past the Old City, along the river all the way to Thanon Tok, has enjoyed an urban revival. Once home to expats, embassies, religious and ethnic communities and shophouses, the road and its many sois have now been enlivened by a younger vibe, from Maitri Chit Road near Yaowarat (Chinatown) to the galleries in mid-Charoen Krung.

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    Wearing different hats

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 16/02/2016

    » There was a time when Krissada Sukosol Clapp was known as "Noi Wong Pru", referring to his status as a frontman of an early 2000s indie rock band. There was another period when he was known as Kriss, the creative director of The Siam Hotel, his family business. But in the past few years, people have started to recognise this wiry man, whose nickname is Noi, as a film actor. In his latest motion picture role, Krissada both gets to act and sing: Luk Thung Signature, in cinemas now, is a musical featuring five intertwining love stories, all connected by luk thung country music.

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    Looking up, not down

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 16/10/2015

    » Each year, between 800-1,000 children in Thailand are born with Down's syndrome, a genetic condition associated with physical growth delays and moderate intellectual disability.

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